角松敏生 – 134

Although Toshiki Kadomatsu and Tsunku (Mitsuo Terada) are of different genres, they are probably my favourite Japanese male vocalists (in Tsunku’s case, I’m referring to his solo work.)

I was surprised to learn that Kadomatsu’s “134” is a relatively recent song, part of his 2010 release, “Citylights Dandy”. Unlike some other artists his age, whose singing voices noticeably “age”, Toshiki Kadomatsu’s more recent work has his signature mid-80’s vocals, while having instrumentation that may appeal to a more modern, albeit refined audience.

I like what I can understand of this song’s lyrics, so I may translate it in the future.

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Maysa – Quiet Fire

Oh, Maysa Leak. I’ve fallen in love with your vocals even before I knew you were, in fact, female. I first heard her voice in Incognito’s “Beneath the Surface,” a song I’ve loved since I was around 6 or 7. It’s still one of my favourite Incognito songs, to date.

I knew about Maysa’s album “Blue Velvet Soul” since it was first released, and I felt sad that I couldn’t find a physical copy in my country. Fortunately, the album is on iTunes (I love most of the songs, so I’ll probably get the entire thing as an incentive if I get a good score in out last cluster exam for pathology.

Took another look at the price, and it’ll take me a bit of saving up to do so. Ah well.

“Quiet Fire,” “Beautiful Dreamer,” and “Good Morning Sunrise” are the songs that stick out to me the most, since they showcase Maysa’s voice most beautifully.

I think I got most of the lyrics right for this song. As usual, lyrics follow below the cut! Continue reading

具島直子 – Candy

Here’s another song I found pleasurable to listen to while studying for pathology. (Your Mileage May Vary.) As a bonus, it’s from the late 90’s, not the 80’s! Nothing wrong with songs from the 80’s and 70’s, I have a positive bias towards listening to them, but there are very few Japanese songs I know from the 90’s (that aren’t from anime.)

This is the first time I’ve listened to Naoko Gushima (as her name seems to be preferably romanised,) but this makes me want to seek out more of her songs. Unfortunately for me, 「Candy」 isn’t available from my country’s iTunes Store, though 「美しいもの」is. Makes me wish I didn’t uninstall Spotify.

Since the Japanese in this song is simpler than a few other songs I’ve posted on here (there were only a few kanji I missed in my original transcription,) I initially wanted to translate the lyrics, but I can’t properly phrase some parts in English, even if I have a grasp of their meaning. Please feel free to correct any mistakes you find, because my Japanese isn’t good! I consulted dictionaries to try to smoothen my translation / get at least the thought of each line.

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I haven’t watched any part of the あぶない刑事 (Dangerous Detectives) franchise yet, but I’ve been meaning to. (Instead, I recently watched すもももももも〜地上最強のヨメ〜, even if people who know me well would be surprised with the choice of anime. Eh, I had a history of watching weird parodies of shonen anime.)

Part of why I’m very interested in あぶデカ is its soundtrack. I’m still finding a way to get the OST of the original series (because all I see on レコチョク are albums from もっとあぶない刑事 and あぶない刑事フォーエヴァ.)

From my penchant for songs by ANRI, 角松敏生, 竹内まりや, and others, it’s no surprise that I’d also fall in love with other J-Pop songs from the era.

To my surprise, many of the songs in あぶデカ are entirely in English, with lyrics penned by distinctively anglophone names like リンダ・ヘンリック (Linda Hennrick) and トミー・スナイダー (Tommy Snyder.) Though the first あぶデカ song I was exposed to was 「A MAN LIKE YOU (NEEDS A WOMAN LIKE ME)」 sung by 小山水城, I’ve recently taken a liking for 「WANT YOU BACK AGAIN」 by 大滝裕子.

Lyrics follow below the cut!

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paris match – CDG

Long time no post!

The second year of medical school has been both enjoyable and turbulent, especially because I’ve been relapsing into illness. I am typing this while “relaxing” from studying for my Microbiology exam. I’m fearful for my standing in quite a few subjects, but I’m happy to say I can put Clinical Pathology behind my back.

Paris Match (as in パリス・マッチ, the Japanese jazz group) has always been a favourite of mine, especially when I’m in more wistful moods. I haven’t listened to their songs in a while, but decided to put them on my phone on a whim.

I love their more upbeat songs, but CDG always had charm in its simplicity.

I can’t find the original version of the song uploaded anywhere – searching for it may direct you to the website of Paris Match (not related to the group behind this song) or a YouTube cover.

I’d love to sing a cover of this song, myself – the instrumentation is not extravagant, so hopefully I can figure out how to recreate it in a DAW (or finally get around to learning how to play musical instruments.)

“CDG” most probably refers to “Charles de Gaulle” as in the airport, due to the song’s lyrical content. I definitely imagine playing this while waiting in the airport.

As usual, lyrics follow under the cut! I was able to countercheck the kanji with kget.jp, since Mojim doesn’t have lyrics for this song yet.

This time around, I tried to translate the song.
I highly encourage you to notify me of any errors, as I do not speak Japanese. 

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AVTechNO – Feedback/Artery (feat. Kagamine Rin and Len)

Been a long time since I posted anything here. I know I said something about uploading medical school reviewers (based off my own notes + additional reading) in the past, but the last time I encoded my notes on a Word document was on the first shift. The vast majority of my notes are in my notebook.

I recently reignited my love for music created with VOCALOID voicebanks thanks to a friend who is still deeply engrossed in the fandom (although she has a leaning towards Hatsune Miku and the Kagamine voicebanks — I can barely keep up with VOCALOID libraries released after MEGPOID!)

AVTechNO is a producer whose tracks I haven’t listened to in a long time. I felt like his VOCALOID material left more to be desired at the time, although I liked his non-VOCALOID work and the Historias album that he made with Morrigan.

Then came Feedback/Artery. This seems to be a variation of Artery from his PULSE single, which had Hatsune Miku as a singer. (Len’s part has additional lyrics compared to the corresponding verse in Artery, and it’s also sung in a different part of the song.)

AVTechNO does not use the Kagamine voicebanks that often, so this was a nice treat. It’s one of the best implementations of the append banks I’ve heard. Some might say Rin’s tuining in this song sounds like Miku, but that’s to be expected since the original song was done with Miku.

I’d sing a cover of this song if AVTechNO released an off-vocal version. Oh well, singing along to this will have to do for now!

As usual, lyrics follow under the cut! The kanji version was taken directly from the description of the video, but I added a special note for 「永遠」 which is sung as 「とあ」 and not 「えいえん」 in this song.

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ANRI – Lady Sunshine

I’ve had this saved as a draft for 7 months. SEVEN. MONTHS.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of ANRI. Although I knew of her music even before I got into Future Funk, remixes by MACROSS 82-99 and other talented individuals in the niche genre made me love her more. As I have no formal educational background in music theory (save for bits and pieces from piano lessons that I have forgotten,) I cannot describe exactly what gives ANRI and her music their charm — as it stands, she is one of the most sampled artists in Future Funk.

I only knew of Lady Sunshine from YUNG BAE’s “Sailor Babe,” but I was hooked with the song for a long time. (I know by now that YUNG BAE’s remix does not have that many differences from the source material.)  It’s still one of my favourite songs by ANRI (as an added bonus, it was composed by THE Toshiki Kadomatsu!)

Lyrics for this city pop favourite follow below the cut!
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ANRI – Remember Summer Days (マクロス MACROSS 82-99 Bootleg)

I’ve been into vaporwave/future funk/Japanese Disco for the past few months, though I’ve listened to only a few producers of such (Night Tempo センパイ, ALPHA CENTAURI アルファ, ⋀DRI⋀NW⋀VE, just to name a few.)

I am no stranger to ANRI’s music, and I’ve even posted lyrics to another one of her songs in the past! She’s one of my favourite Japanese singers (and definitely my favourite from her era.) Boogie Woogie Mainland used to be my favourite song of hers (along with “Listening to Olivia”,) until I came across MACROSS 82-99’s bootleg/remix of the song.

Since I’ve noticed that a few of the comments on the track request for the song’s lyrics, I thought I’d post kanji and romanised lyrics here (for those of us who want to sing along to this earworm.) As usual, you can find lyrics below the cut.

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