Chemistry [retro x-post from Chemical Rainbow @ blogspot]

I never got to know what my learning style is. Some people (who I wouldn’t be naming here for their own privacy) have told me that I have multiple learning styles. What I am quite sure of is that I don’t have a dominant Tactual or Kinesthetic learning style.

I like Chemistry a lot. It has been a favorite branch of Science of mine since fourth grade, even if my teacher wasn’t really the type I got along with. (The coincidence is that we have the same birthday, but our difference in years is of course, big.)

When I was in the first year of high school, I found General Science a bit difficult. I guess it’s also because I didn’t have as much enthusiasm to learn Physics as I have in Chemistry.

Now that I am in my junior year, we are having General Chemistry for our Science subject. I’m pretty fine with the lecture/theory part, (although not getting all my quizzes to have perfect scores disappoints me sometimes) but I’m not going as smoothly in laboratory work.

I guess I’m quite ignorant of some laboratory concepts. I half-blame it on not having laboratory work in grade school, and also on the fact that my groupmates did the actual lab work, while I wrote the data and the generalizations.

I just had to observe them, but I was still afraid to use a burner. Some of these fears are gone now, but I remember overhearing, so and so lights a match this way, while demonstrating the seemingly odd way of lighting a matchstick. Now, I’m surprised to hear, so and so and such and such light a match this way.

Also, I admit that prior to today, I had no idea that filtrate referred to a liquid, while residue referred to a solid. I interchanged the two frequently. Even if I make mistakes in laboratory work, I admit that it has always emphasized to me some values, including patience and persistence. I have been always persistent, but not always patient. Now, I also realized the value of preparing for something.

My Chemistry teacher told me that I was like a Greek, for I read, without really experimenting on it too much. Yes, I initially thought that theory is everything. However, even in real life, we have to prove and try a lot of things. Believing by mere reading is different from believing by trying it as well.

However, I still believe that some things are better off untried at this state, but rather observed.

EDIT: According to the results from the Guidance Center, my dominant learning style is Visual Kinesthetic.


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