Flagellic Motion [retro x-post from champurao @ blogspot]

I was supposed to sleep for an hour after I drank pain relievers.

I lay on the bed for a few moments, then I sensed something within my sight fall from the ceiling, although I wasn’t able to get a clear picture of what it was. So I just continued to lie down, listening to my favorite Michael Jackson songs.

Later, as I was starting to feel uneasy about whatever fell into the bed, I lifted one of the pillows I leaned my head on, and saw a few bits of wood, dirt, and a long and thin black worm-like entity.

At this time, I screamed and quickly covered it with a pillow.

I was afraid of worms, and I asked my mom to accompany me.

But I had to face my fear.

I lifted the pillow, and saw that the worm was wiggling so quickly, in a fashion reminiscent of the flagella that some bacteria and protists use to propel themselves for movement. I poured whatever salt was left in our salt shaker, but the worm escaped my trap so quickly.

I asked my mom for help, and we decided to change the pillowcases. I found the worm again, now curled up, and poured more salt over it.

It then crawled away; I couldn’t find it after.

Just to make sure, I poured salt over the sides of the bed.

I’m hoping to sleep peacefully, and not in a flagellic motion.


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