Hoisin Sauce

Ever wanted to make your own Hoisin sauce? Provided that you can gather the following, you can make hoisin sauce exactly like the ones you can find in the supermarket! Sound nifty?

Breakdown of Ingredients:

43% sugar (Surprise, surprise! Majority of the flavour in hoisin sauce is SUCROSE!)

23% water

22% fermented soybean paste

5% salt

3% garlic

2% sesame seed

1% modified corn starch (In particular, some brands use E1422, but regular corn starch might work, since the starch is here to make your sauce more viscous, or “thick”.)

0.50% acetic acid (Though your regular kitchen vinegar will do just fine.)

0.30% optional food colouring – Caramel E150c (I know that some people are queasy about adding food colouring of any sorts to their food, and you definitely don’t need the colour for flavour, so you can opt to leave this behind!)

0.08% coriander seed

0.07% Chinese star anise (Illicium verum Hook. f.)

0.05% cinnamon


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