Lulling myself to sleep at 12 midnight

I can actually get myself to sleep right now without having to do this, but I’ve fallen asleep so many times during the day, and I’m very close to falling asleep in front of the keyboard, as it stands.

In a certain website I’ve joined, there is this Custom Clothing feature in the site, where, just as you’ve guessed it, anyone can submit their own custom clothing item to the site, while paying the equivalent of US$50, in order to have ten copies of said item. I will take at least one hour to explain the ins and outs of the system, so I might save that for another time. The most amount of custom clothing items I’ve owned at any given point (mostly with credits I’ve earned on site, only some from money I get from commissions) is a little over 160, but I’ve since been able to trim that number, through trades, resales (at the same price, or at a loss, even if I know I can charge more), or sending them to other users.

I currently have a little over 100 of these items in my account, at the time of writing. Here’s where the real “entertainment” comes in. I want to see how many of these items are private (i.e. custom clothing items that are not publicly released to the rest of the userbase.) As anyone would expect from a system that allows for the creation of special and unique items, a lot of on and off-site drama occur over these private items. Yes, it’s not just MMORPGs which have wars and drama over pixels, of all things! I’m only doing this out of morbid curiosity, because someone had told me that I had too many of these items, but exactly how many is too many? Below is my full list of items; items in italicized bold are private items:

  • 4x: Kalachuchi Wrapped Shawl (birthday gifts from my friends, originally had 6 copies of both, but I gave 2 to friends)
  • 5x: Kalachuchi Scented Traditional Skirt (birthday gifts from my friends, complementing the previous item)
  • 4x: Luzon Bleeding Heart Pigeon
  • 1x: Clumsy Desert Traveler
  • 3x: Watchtower of Assassination and Tranquility (an item commissioned by a friend of mine, the two spares are being held for friends of mine)
  • 1x: Choppy Chocolate Bratty Kitty Do
  • 1x: Calico Friendly Thumbed Feline Companion
  • 1x: Corrupt Hero Wig
  • 1x: Himalayan Friendly Thumbed Feline Companion
  • 2x: Vagabonds Dirty Rag
  • 1x: Nocturnal Prince Swoosh
  • 1x: Uber Nice Uber Nasty Jacket (something I had commissioned, not completely private as I released 3 copies to the public)
  • 1x: Sword of Oblivion
  • 1x: Bottled Mountain Air
  • 1x: Incredibly Happy Flying Rainbow Kitty Companion (given to me by a friend, as a gift)
  • 1x: Virtuous Prince Swoosh
  • 3x: Rod of Asclepius
  • 1x: Evening Tea Kettle Strands (also given by a friend)
  • 1x: Coffin of an Ancient Felon (belongs to the same person who gave me the kitty companion)
  • 1x: Snow Covered Kamov Blade
  • 1x: Razored Skinny Jeans
  • 1x: Charcoal Long Knitted Scarf
  • 1x: Torn Snowfield Photograph
  • 1x: Fiberoptic Bound Locks
  • 1x: Bottled Cosmic Potion Waves
  • 1x: Torn Highly Fashionable Belt Straps
  • 1x: Bottled Luminous Potion Waves (slot issued to me by the same person who issued the slot for the aurora recolour)
  • 1x: Simply Emo Pile of Silky Espresso Strands
  • 2x: India Ink Hair Stain Dropper (something I had commissioned, as well)
  • 1x: Captured Fiery Spirit Companion
  • 1x: Delish Limited Edition Lang Lipbalm
  • 1x: Chubby Neapolitan Bird Companion
  • 1x: Chubby Demonic Bird Companion (both chubby birds were commissioned by the same person, but the demonic bird is from the character of another user on the site)
  • 1x: Strands of a Nameless Origin
  • 1x: Black Vintage Oxfords
  • 1x: Aurora Flutterby Origami
  • 1x: Avant Garde Captured Winter Dreams
  • 1x: Severed Demonic Tail Barb (given by a friend who is not too active on the site anymore)
  • 1x: Revolutionary Ivory Strands
  • 1x: Unnecessarily Bright Watermelon Hoodie
  • 1x: Glowing Moon Memento
  • 1x: Sprig of Rosy Leaves (single-handedly and easily one of my favourite custom clothing items on the site. This was a very good surprise, as I had never even expected to be given the opportunity!)
  • 1x: Box of Rosangel Lemon Frills
  • 1x: Bottled Aurora Potion Waves
  • 1x: Torn Blood-Dyed Belt Straps
  • 1x: Eagle Robe of the Master Assassin (bought from an auction)
  • 1x: Dashing Ombre Pullover
  • 1x: Bottled Phosphorous Night
  • 1x: Year of the Snake Red Envelope
  • 1x: Badge of Honor
  • 1x: Understated Laced Dom Corset (given by a friend, who even told me that I could sell it back to her if I needed credits, but I did need this for a character of mine, so I wouldn’t)
  • 1x: Starlight Halo
  • 2x: Battered Railgun
  • 1x: Delicate Archer Bow and Quiver
  • 1x: Armor of Hunters
  • 1x: Lone Star Vacation Postcard
  • 1x: Potassium Chromate Hair Stain Dropper
  • 1x: Detachable Boot Covers
  • 1x: Violent Vengeance Leather Belt
  • 1x: Eagle Emblem Plated Mail
  • 1x: Charismatic Ottoman Headband (bought off another user, when I believed I had no chance of getting the item. It’s a tribute to Yusuf of Assassin’s Creed, so it made me particularly happier!)
  • 1x: Peculiar Wooden Perch (bought off an auction by the commissioner, thanks to an autobid)
  • 1x: Legendary Hooded Tunic
  • 1x: Crested Hood of the Order Master
  • 1x: Assassin Half-Broken Mask (given by a friend who is currently on hiatus)
  • 1x: Half Drained Apple
  • 1x: Dirty Cloth Covered Crate
  • 1x: Ab Ovo USB (given through the possible intervention of a friend, by a muse of mine)
  • 1x: Shattered Port Wing
  • 1x: Wing x3 Pills
  • 1x: Cracked Blood Sample Vial
  • 1x: Blueberry Flavored Wing x3 Pills
  • 1x: Sea Salt Flavored Wing x3 Pills
  • 1x: Entranced Flower Lantern
  • 1x: Tincture of Rabbit
  • 1x: Overflowing Sphere of Lightning Chakra
  • 1x: Azure Sky Captain Coat
  • 1x: Pomegranate Flavored Wing x3 Pills
  • 1x: Decrepit Blood Sample Vial
  • 1x: Vampire Wings Injection Needle
  • 1x: Cinnamon Scented Hair Gel
  • 1x: Azure Sky Captain Boots
  • 1x: Xtreme Muscles Protein Pills
  • 1x: Crown of Freshly Picked Golden Daisies (an oddity; I’m not certain that other people who own this even know that I do, as well.)
  • 1x: Choco Macaron Curls
  • 1x: Broken Relic of a Peculiar Ship
  • 1x: Crimson Sky Captain Boots
  • 1x: Bag of Broken Cathedral Glass
  • 1x: Shattered Waist Guard of the Fallen Deity
  • 1x: Scrap of a Fallen Guardians Cape
  • 1x: Stolen Castle Candle
  • 1x: Charred Locks of Forgotten Childhood Memories
  • 1x: Shattered Shaman Staff Artifact
  • 1x: Turntable of the Summit
  • 1x: Magical Apparating Candles
  • 1x: Bottled Garnet Strands
  • 1x: Bottled Ocean Breeze Strands
  • 1x: Archmages Silk Overcoat
  • 1x: Legendary Enchanted Bow of the Sun God
  • 1x: Tousled Black Fairy Cut
  • 1x: Battle Scarred Rogue Armor
  • 1x: Pouch of Pixie Dust
  • 1x: Dimije of the Fallen Deity
  • 1x: Dinky Italian Gondola
  • 1x: Bottled Pine Essence Strands
  • 1x: Velvet Tan Jacket
  • 1x: Embellished Armor
  • 1x: Decorative Demon Prince Horns
  • 1x: Hidden Legacy Hooded Tunic
  • 1x: Fragment of Roof Top
  • 1x: Red Flamed Meditation Candles

That’s just 29 (counting duplicates that are not “mine”) out of the 111 items I’ve listed here — it’s not like half of the items I have are private in status. I still have other items I have not listed, but they have shop prices, which is why they don’t appear on the easier-to-track list, and therefore have to be checked manually. Now that my curiosity has been satisfied, I will be turning in for the night.


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