Today is one of the best days EVER.

Most of it has to do with Subeta, but I’ve been so overwhelmed with happy feels that I regret absolutely no moment of idiotic laughing and the crying that resulted from such intense euphoria.

  • I had come across an amazing and fun bunch of people, thanks to Kriddles’ livestream of Waijay’s commission. Staying up until 3 AM today was totally WORTH IT. Thank you to the mostly Sapphire group, plus Domayne, and Shadow! c:
  • Then I woke up to Mentore returning to the site ;u;
  • I changed my username from hoar to pax today, as well.
  • Which inadvertently coincided with a barrage of name changes: Salve -> Hoar, Dragonaire -> Omity-nomity-nomi-nus (sic), District -> Mythic, and I hope I didn’t forget anyone!
  • It also changed Xen’s friends group into #butthen.
  • With a deranged hen seated on a butt as its mascot.
  • Two gay monkeys high on nitrous oxide, no caffeine and pancit canton this time, though.
  • Confusion ensued as Salve kept going around with my old username.
  • I bought cereal. I know, HOW IS CEREAL EXCITING? Well, I haven’t eaten cereal in a couple of months.
  • AND I hate shawarma with dad!
  • I’ve also hit the 20 million mark.
  • I got a visit from “THE doctor proctologist lobotomist doctor”, whose wit gave me the largest smiles I’ve had in a while.

I can go on and on, but this is a great change ❤


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