Pet Profile Preview: Trinitas

Pet Profile Preview: Trinitas

(click-through to view the live profile!)

I finally finished an initial version of Yuri’s pet lookup on Subeta! There’s a possibility that I might change the base design if I’m not happy with it in the future, but I’m glad I got to design and code it almost exactly the way I wanted!

Once I finish the final version of the story that I’ll be putting (as most of it is still in my head,) I’ll probably be making separate divs for the attributions, credits, and the actual story. Before that, I’d have to check if there’s nothing I’ll be omitting from his treasure chest.

Most of that would have to wait until Easter, or after that. The next thing I’ll work on is the profile I promised for CaligulasAquarium, I PROMISE.

The artwork of Yuri on the profile was drawn for me by lvxferre of deviantART, and the background image (shadow) was used with permission from ether of deviantART.


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