So, I’ve revived my Forumwarz account which I hadn’t touched in roughly 2 years.

So, I've revived my Forumwarz account which I hadn't touched in roughly 2 years.

Having only 4 “forum visits” per day can make one slightly impatient, though I’ve been focusing on both progressing through the story AND powerlevelling, at the same time.

The “Emo Kid” class is quite a breeze to use, and I find that I can pwn forums slightly above my level. With my current stats, (can you guess how I got Offense and Defense THAT high? I have no “illegal” game enhancements.) the highest levelled forum I’ve stomped through for the time being (and successfully defeated) is level 26. I can’t really say anything for Camwhores, Trolls, or Hackers, as I don’t have characters for those. (My alt is a Permanoob, because I’m slightly masochistic.)

I’m not sad that the game died, and I know that Episode 3 is supposed to conclude the entire story, but I would’ve been happy to see Episodebuildr go live. Forumbuildr is fairly fun, for all it’s worth anyway, though INCIT is so dead. It gives me a good reason to be completely antisocial in the game (heh, fitting considering that Emo Kids have a lot of Antisociality-type attacks.)

I really won’t be able to make a Hacker/Camwhore/Troll character, unless I buy credits on the site, and I don’t intend to, seeing as I have a bit leftover from old contest prizes (though not enough to make a new character.)

Forumwarz had a fairly interesting story, though I’ll have to say that CZ’s neglect and the community’s self-destruction made it mindless entertainment that distracts me from some stress.


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