I finally made it to where all the action is.

At least, on Forumwarz.

Just like anyone else who doesn’t really take Domination seriously to begin with, I stockpiled 12 forum visits before going on a forum pwning spree, just to see how many lemon scoops I can get on a Level 14 Permanoob.

The answer, understandably, isn’t that much, with what — an arsenal of cats, hamsters, and continuous bashing against the keyboard (almost literally.)

Figure 1.

Figure 1. “Anonymous faggots rage and get raped”

Yes, my character is the one highlighted with a spiffy yellow bar (which I named after my character Regin/Regis Porfide.) I don’t quite have an impressive number of scoops for this match, but meh — I know I have nothing against most of these people, especially not White Noise. It surprises me to still see some people from WeChall play such a dead game, though.

Maybe I’ll go submit some suggestions to this week’s forum, just to get a couple of chocolate scoops. Forget about antifreeze, I don’t want to either have to use Euthanides/Martyrdom thrice, nor do I have enough flezz on that character to go gamble.

Essentially, I got those 3 trophies from last week’s match, for having the highest minimum number of scoops (only because everyone else had 0), the highest number of total scoops, and the highest number of scoops of any single flavour — it was ridiculously easy, and you can tell that nobody was going to oppose me anyway.

It’s only in the “winners’ matches” where things get tough, after all.

More entertaining than anything is this match’s Domination Stall. Last week, I don’t particularly remember anything being written in this match’s stall, but because I’m a shallow person who finds insults against my specific race amusing, I had to take a screenshot, for posterity:

And of course, if you are: a) Filipino, b) easily offended by any racial slurs whatsoever, c) both (?!?! What are you doing in my blog?), you don’t have to proceed and …

… continue reading. You did it anyway, and now you’ll see more of me trying to be funny (albeit failing miserably at it.)

Figure 2. People have prejudices against Oreo cookies?

Figure 2. People have prejudices against Oreo cookies?

Granted, it’s really more of the mention of cookies onward, that made me laugh at the stall’s contents.

The funny thing is, I’m probably going to get stuck with these people until the current season ends, or I might end up here:

Figure 3.

Figure 3. “Searching for a way to fap into”. 7 VIBRATING DOLDOES LIVE! Also, a fairly interesting bunch of players.

We have one player who hoarded a couple of cards and left no scoops alive (possibly because What’s Tomato With You might be aiming for Suspect to win, and Yohio might be helping his clanmates, or maybe he doesn’t really care as much as I’d like to think he does.) Look at Suspect, and see if anyone else has any  chances, without a good strategy to bring him down.

Another interesting thing to note, for those of you who are completely uninitiated to Domination, is this:

Figure 4. Looks like this season's Domination teams have a bit of a theme!

Figure 4. Looks like this season’s Domination teams have a bit of a theme!

Either carcinoGeneticist or gardenGnostic (and Jove only knows if they’re actually alts of the same person) probably had one team renamed into “Team Adorabloodthirsty”, and look at that entire line-up dedicated to David Banner!

Alright, I’ll stop rambling about this now, and probably dig for images of queasine that I’ve picked up. Either that, or some mediocre point-and-shoot photography of mine.


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