I am become death, destroyer of threads!

I have no idea when or how exactly this happened, but there you have it!

Forumwarz is an easy game, if someone can dominate a match (even if for only a few hours, who knows if any of our card-wielding friends will care enough to use all their “Asshole” cards — yes, they are actually a domination action on the game — on me,) even without an actual strategy.

This Permanoob has been lagging in terms of levels (15) in contrast to my Emo Kid (24), though I was surprised to get all those lemon scoops, when I wasn’t even clearing the forums that quickly. The Permanoob has virtually no .moar files, or any stats on offense, yet the Emo Kid has quite a bit of a boost, only because of a total lack of discretion as to where his flezz is being spent.

Not the best stats for an Emo Kid of that level, but if I got my stats any higher than this right now, I wouldn’t be able to afford anything nice until roughly around Level 35, maybe.

I might actually get more into this Domination thing while I can, in the next week, just to forget about it afterwards.


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