User Profile Preview: caligulasAquarium

The GIF actually moves, too! 😀

(click-through to view the live profile!)

caligulasAQUARIUM on Subeta is using the profile I made for her, as of the time of writing! She requested for a profile which features the Lemongrab-Eridan GIF you can see there. For some reason, making a new class for the GIF didn’t work out well, so I had to merge the body graphics into the GIF (or is it the other way around?) I really had fun making this profile, and I thank Jade for such an opportunity. ;u;

I’m also glad that the GIF isn’t too fast for me to have to block it, or launch Pause!Pause!Pause! all over every instance of the image, and yes, I really like violet with yellow, because it reminds me of ube halaya with cheese on top. Mmm, delicious. XD I went overboard with the brightness and yellow/purple stripes at first, and I am glad she had requested me to give the main background a solid colour instead.

I think I might actually be improving with these. Time will tell if I’ll finally be able to work on a semi-decent design on a webpage.

Yes, the nav bar doesn’t look well-aligned, but on her end, the added ‘Edit Your Profile” link fits very nicely.

Now, I might have to turn in for the night — I had fallen asleep on my desk a while ago, but my migraine is getting a bit worse right now. ;A;


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