I didn’t quite expect that!

Today is my grandfather’s birthday, which coincides with the second death anniversary of my aunt, who passed away from a long battle with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. Even this overlap has a very interesting circumstance around it, but that’s a tale for another time.

I went to my university this morning, hoping to at least speak to the internship coordinator, and inform her that I haven’t really been able to get in touch with the area coordinator yet (as I had to do business with him first, before the other coordinator could help me,) just to see that she had moved her office hours from 8 AM to 1 PM, since she was interviewing fourth year Clinical Pharmacy students.

My mom told me to see if there were any courses I can enroll during the summer, to reduce my load (yet again) on the regular semester. I initially gave up on being able to enroll pharmacognosy, assuming that I needed the rest of the courses along that “tree” to take it. (Its code is PHBS 3, and I haven’t taken PHBS 1 and PHBS 2A yet.) I chanced upon a classmate from my Quality Control 1 course, who informed me that today was the last day for enrollment for the summer courses. It was from her that I learned about PHBS 3 being a “tail-end” subject; no future subjects of mine had it as a pre-requisite.

I was also informed by the secretary of our Dean that I wouldn’t be entertained for evaluation if I wasn’t wearing my complete uniform, which I wasn’t at the time (although I wore a decent t-shirt, and purple pants.) I took my chances anyway. The worst that could happen is for our department chair to ignore me.

He then asked me why I hadn’t come on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th of April. I was ill on the 1st, and I went to the uni on the 3rd, but he wasn’t there. I was also instructed not to go on the 5th OR 6th, so I found that rather odd. I stated my case, regardless. When he tried to check the courses I have already completed, he noted that there was one of them I could take — Pharmacognosy! (Which only had botany and pharmaceutical biochemistry as prerequisites.) 

There were two students who later came into his office, one of them being from the class I was in, until the first semester of my third year. Apparently, majority of the students who were going to take pharmacognosy (some of them being people who failed the course last semester, rather than first-time takers like myself) had decided to petition for a special class to be held on the first semester, instead. These two were the only ones effectively left in the summer class for pharmacognosy, and any summer classes that has less than 30 students typically gets dissolved. Since they were already enrolled into the system and had paid for their fees in full, the class couldn’t just be dissolved.

And so, I was admitted into that class, through an odd stroke of luck.

I also managed to contact the area coordinator, who informed me of one place which still took interns for this summer. I’d have to continue searching for alternatives myself, though, and probably work the memorandum of agreement of whichever firm I decided to work with.

My class will be held on weekdays, from 7 in the morning, ’till 1 in the afternoon. This means that I may have to opt for a broken work schedule, start working after my finals, or go for a 7-1/2-10 schedule (like they’ll allow me, but who knows! The hospital I worked in let me work 25 hour shifts when I insisted to!)

I’ll have to say — I’m looking forward to this. Hopefully having only 2 other students in the class will make the discussion much faster. XD


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