Pizzicato Five – Tokyo, Mon Amour

Not to be confused for by Stereo Total’s “Mon Amour Tokyo”, or Pizzicato Five’s Japanese cover version of the aforementioned song.

The song has a sadder note when directly compared with “Mon Amour Tokyo”, but at the same time, it has a very magical instrumental solo after the French monologue. It’s a song I love to listen to when I’m in a sentimental mood. ❤


Mon amour あなたと恋におちたこの街に
Mon amour きのうひとりで归って来たの

Mon amour あなたといつも待ちあわせた街は
Mon amour いつも雨が降ってた

Mon amour, écoute,
Écoute, mon amour.
Tous les serrements du coeur,
Tous les serre-moi d’amour,
Tous les serre-moi, serre-moi dans tes bras.
Mon amour, enserre-moi toujours.
Mon amour, reste,
Reste avec moi.
Mon amour, mon amour.


Mon amour あなたと恋におちたこの街には
Mon amour きっとしばらく归らないたぶんもう二度と
Mon amour さよなら


mon amour, anata to koi ni ochita kono machi ni
mon amour, kino hitori de kaette kita no
hitori ni naritakute
betsu ni anata to au
tsumori wa nai kedo

mon amour, anata to itsumo machiawaseta machi wa
mon amour, itsumo ame ga futteta
furui film no yo ni
betsu ni anata to watashi
sayonara wo tsugeta no wa dochira demo naikedo

mon amour, écoute,
écoute, mon amour.
tous les serrements du coeur,
tous les serre-moi d’amour,
tous les serre-moi, serre-moi dans tes bras.
mon amour, enserre-moi toujours.
mon amour, reste,
reste avec moi.
mon amour, mon amour.

betsu ni anata to watashi
sayonara wo tsugeta no wa
dochira demo naikedo

mon amour, anata to koi ni ochita kono machi ni wa
mon amour, kitto shibaraku kaeranai tabun mo nido to
betsu ni anata wo wasuretari shinai
kono machi wa shiawase na
omoide ga oosugite
mon amour, sayonara

My love, yesterday I came back alone to this town
Where i fell in love with you because
I wanted to be alone
But I don’t intend
To try to go and see you

My love, in the town
Where we used to meet
It was always raining
Like in an old film
But we never said goodbye to each other

My love, listen,
Listen to me, my love
All the pangs of love,
All the “hold me”s of love,
All the “hold me”s; hold me in your arms.
My love, hold me tight forever.
My love, stay,
Stay with me
My love, my love.

Neither of us
Had the idea
Of saying goodbye

My love, I won’t be coming back to the town
Where I fell in love with you for a while
Maybe never again
But I won’t forget you
There are far too many happy memories in this town
My love, goodbye.


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