Good bye, OpenSUSE!

WordPress isn’t blocked from these computers… for now.

Funny thing is, things which were previously inaccessible from the library computers (Scenery of the End, my personal site (which was blocked for adult content before, I mean, wut?), UDKT (yes guys UDKT was blocked from here before), among others, no longer seem to be blocked. I wonder if they changed a few things around with the filters (although 9gag is still not blocked, as usual.) We’re also no longer using OpenSUSE, as the computers now seem to be running Windows 7. THANK GOODNESS; OpenSUSE was sluggish as heck.

I wasn’t really supposed to be testing out websites (it is rare for me to go online for any reason apart from research from the university,) but I was intending to save my data here in WordPress, if my e-mail was still blocked. I somehow got a bit too delighted over seeing these “upgrades”, though.


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