Yuri, and some background on the lys and sapis of Seneria.

His real name is Yuri, even way back when I first made him.

That’s his only name, as it is eponymous. He is the son of a king who is a lys (please ignore the “elf” part I have on the profile, when I was developing the “lys” species, I realized “elf” is not a good descriptor, since all that the lys share with elves is the pointed ears, but otherwise, they appear almost entirely human when clothed, save for their internal physiology. For example, the oxygen-binding protein in their blood is hemocyanin, so they bleed blue… literally. (The lys are what make up the “royal race” of Seneria, the world in which his story is set in.) The entire “blue blood” thing is a play at a word in my native language, where we say people with “blue blood” are royalty. (Not sure if it’s a thing in English!) It’s also a bit of a play on people who say we evolved from mollusks, because most animals with hemocyanin as a binding protein are aquatic. Moreover, Yuri has an affinity for copper (I’ve been collecting copper-related items in my vault to add to his TC,) in all his iterations.

Back to the lys, though, the appendix is not vestigial in their digestive tract, and actually serves a metabolic process (it is also longer in their digestive tract.) The lys can absorb nutrients from wood, because they have the [i]Mixotricha[/i] genus of protozoans to break down cellulose. They also only have eight digits on the hands and feet, yet somehow can still keep their balance. The lys are actually “descended” from regular humans who found themselves in Seneria after entering a “dying light” (which was a warp to Seneria, from a post-apocalyptic Earth.) The “unmutated” humans referred to as “sapis” in the story, from Homo sapiens. The lys became a separate species from the sapis’ long-term exposure to radiation, mixed with another human interference, via genetic engineering and experimentation, with the mutants who managed to live to adulthood being free to breed among themselves, and eventually, with the regular population. Their traits were being passed down from generation to generation, until they became separate enough from the “inferior” sapis.

Now that I cleared what species Yuri is, he is half lys, from his father, named Regis (who actually does not even start as royalty, he hails from an impoverished lys clan, the Porfide,) and half sapis, from his mother, named Tala (the daughter of the sapis/human diplomat to the kingdom of Byfay (the kingdom of Seneria where Yuri and his family is from. “Tala” is a word from my native language meaning “star”.)

There is a bird that is crucial to his story; that bird is almost like his guardian, and he even gives it a name (“bruin”, because he is VERY creative *mild sarcasm*.) In it is actually the soul of Ilfys, a young lys apothecary apprentice who died under Regis’ hand, and seeks to make Yuri his instrument to topple down the kingdom of Byfay. As such, he influences the midwife (Saaiku), who happens to be his mother, to take the child, and run away. Saaiku would raise the child on her own, almost in lieu of Ilfys.

It does not take too long before she realizes that Yuri and Ilfys have interests that are too different from each other — Yuri was part sapis and part lys, which meant he was doomed to live much shorter than even a sapis (lys can live for up to two centuries.) Most offspring of strictly discouraged affairs do not possess longevity in their veins, unless any other integral part of their being was traded in exchange for the chance to live past 15 years of age (due to weakened immune systems.) (Ilfys was 15 when he was murdered, for the Fatis, an artifact that alters the past, but never the present or future.)

Yuri doesn’t start out special; if it weren’t for Saaiku, he would have died in the House of Byfay, which was the name given for the castle by Regis, as he was sickly, even for a sapilys (half-sapis, half-lys hybrid), which was already fragile as a species by default. Saaiku, however, was a skilled doctor, despite only being a midwife to the royals, so she always kept an eye on Yuri, making sure he doesn’t contract deadly diseases, especially during the first 5 years of his life. The reason why a sapilys dies before their 15th birthday lies with an autoimmune viral infection that specifically targets them.

As all Byfaean children in the kingdom’s capital are required to attend 12 years of schooling, this “infection” occurs on their first year of education (a remnant from the old, oppressive regime, which Regis’ rule did not rectify,) after a regular complete blood count detects hemoglobin and hemocyanin. During the mandatory vaccination, all sapilys have an additional vaccination, referred to as “CULYCURE”, which is explained as an attentuated virus that introduces “normalizing factor” to the genes, to prevent any interactions or competition between hemoglobin and hemocyanin proteins. As Yuri is in his first grade and is about to undergo a check-up, Saaiku insists for the school not to perform a blood test on Yuri. When this does not work, she drops Yuri’s enrollment from the school, and runs to Aelmear, a neighboring kingdom home to stranger forms of humanoids, such as Dil (from “devil”, typically with “demon horns” and tails), and Naz (horned humanoids, with no other appendages). Aelmear has a reputation for protecting and housing Byfaean refugees, and so, it is not much trouble for Saaiku and Yuri to fit in with a small lys settlement.

Yuri and Saaiku live in destitution for some time, with Yuri often forced to resort into thievery, in instances when they have absolutely nothing to eat. From afar, Yuri watches the royalty of Aelmear, detesting their highly lavish lifestyles, without forming any other value judgement about them. Saaiku is displeased with Yuri’s “petty theft”, and disciplines him to defend the destitute, but not to stoop down to the level of a criminal. Yuri is highly defiant and hard-headed, however. Mixed with this is a temper that is usually well-controlled, but highly destructive when unleashed. Later on the line, he learns about the forbidden art of illusion from an old magi, who recognizes Yuri as the true heir of Byfay. At the time, Yuri just turned 10 years of age, having grown almost like a regular sapis, at least, externally. After Yuri’s disappearance, the royal family of Byfay adopted a sapis, who they also named Yuri, and raised him as their own son. Yuri began to have a fascination over metallic scraps, specifically putting these together, something that develops onto his late teens into a penchant for building little robots, and exploring “electronic work”.

The magi’s “prophecy” stated that there are “mirror images, one of which is glucydur (an alloy of copper, beryllium, and iron,) and the other, pure iron. The alloy will withstand what iron cannot, and such, his reward is diamond. But what is diamond if all else shall perish, and so both mirror images die.”

Yuri is unable to decipher this, no matter how straight-forward some of this is, and shrugs it off. Apart from illusions, the magi tells Yuri that in his blood lies “great abilities, such that can alter time and space”. The magi trains Yuri towards the realization of his prophetic title, the “Grand Master of the Aether”. The overbearing mother that Saaiku is, she initially dislikes Yuri’s forays into “forbidden ground”, and persuades him to stop meeting the magi. At this point, Bruin returns to Saaiku, and “tells” her to leave him be, for he will eventually avenge both of them.

As Yuri grew up, his family could finally at least sustain itself, but they lived day-to-day, with barely anything saved for the future. At the same time, a change of rulers in Aelmear subjected the Byfaean refugees into heavy taxation and discrimination. Yuri’s forays into the “heart” districts opened his eyes to the disproportionate gap between the wealthy and the regular man, and even more so the poor — the idealist that he is finds that he has a burning passion to change this system.

Saaiku, at this point, almost no longer bothered with raising Yuri as an instrument of revenge, but the visit from her deceased son empowers her, and she is reduced into making sure nobody harms her adoptive son, while Yuri spends more of his days with the magi. It takes another 8 years before Yuri displays full mastery of his magi’s technique, even surpassing his instructor in certain aspects. The magi, revealing himself to be the same apothecary who trained Ilfys for a year up to his murder, roughly 20 years prior. He expresses his desire to avenge Ilfys, and the others who have died in Byfay under Regis’ rule, stating that Yuri would make for a much better ruler.

Yuri expresses, however, that he has no desire to rule over a kingdom, or even hold responsibility for other people. Nonetheless, he makes a pledge that he will meet the royals. In his travel back to Byfay, he meets Yuni, a lys apothecary and seer, who is quick to reveal that Yuri is the true son of Byfay’s royal family. Yuri is in disbelief, and the more that Yuni tags along him and insists on this, and the true circumstances of his adoption by Saaiku, he feels more contempt towards the royals, and eventually, himself. However, he tells her that he is more firm in his resolve to meet his biological family. Yuni then approaches him with the proposition to wage war against the royals. Yuri stops her, and tells her that the idea in itself is folly, but then, Yuni challenges him to a duel. With 8 years of training behind his back, he proved himself to be a skilled magician, but only to his magi. This time, he had to fight against The Usurper, the Grand Mistress of the Cosmos, the one who the magi prophesied that Yuri would have to meet, and challenge, before he meets his real family.

Yuri takes the challenge, and gives it his best, but finds himself defeated by Yuni. She acknowledges that Yuri is highly powerful, but that he hasn’t reached his true potential yet, offering to train him further. The two become close friends, and there becomes suspicion that the two are lovers.

 but because I think I’ve been typing too long, the following happens next:

– Yuni trains Yuri to become an assassin, noting his speed and stealthiness,

– Yuni begins a revolution, and attempts to usurp the throne, killing Tala and the false Yuri, before presenting Yuri, Regis’ son, to his father,

– … but not before stealing the Fatis.

– Regis is in great sorrow over his queen and adoptive son’s deaths, and rejects his real son,

– Regis falls into a great depression over this,

– Regis is eventually consumed by a deity of chaos (Gol), after the latter promises that he can bring Tala back to life, thus making Regis’ body a vessel for the dark god to inhabit,

– Reghis is a completely possessed monstrosity, who destroys everything in its path,

– This quickly endangers not only Byfay and its neighbouring kingdoms, but also Seneria itself.

– Many die, unable to stop Reghis as he grows into a gargantuan, literally stomping his way through Seneria.

– Yuri and Yuni, along with a young priest (as in RPG-esque priest) named Yuan, are the Unstable Trinity, who try to stop Reghis.

– Yuri is mortally wounded in the process, prompting Yuni to quickly heal his most crucial wounds,

– As Reghis is fast approaching, Yuan casts a spell (Waking Benediction) for Yuri to awake,

– Yuni and Yuri perform the “United Sacrifice” using the Fatis to “alter the past, and save the future,” destroying their physical forms, and fusing into a portal to a “safe heaven”, through “Ubiquitous Unity”,

– Yuri instinctively runs through the soul portal, just as Reghis is about to destroy him with flames.

– The soul portal (Yuni and Yuan) explodes, with their souls also being transported into the “safe haven”.

– The safe haven is revealed to be the earth, in a distant past, and our present day.

– The three are dispersed into different times, however.

– Yuan and Yuni, only having travelled with their souls, require inhabiting a human as a vessel, in each “breath”, living as that person until they die, before searching for another person to “possess” on birth.

– Yuri, having travelled with his body intact, is repeatedly born and killed in each “breath”, with his incarnations all having his complete likeness, albeit completely human.

– Each breath has no knowledge of the others, except for Yuni’s breath born in 1989, named “Anna Takeda” (a pharmacist,) which gains knowledge of all breaths.

– She finds the incarnation of Yuri that exists in her time period, named “Laci Lednik”.

– Laci Lednik is a software programmer at daytime, and an assassin/mercenary by night.

– Yuan’s breath in that time period is Dong-feng Lin, a Christian missionary priest.

That said, the story I have for him focuses on his life in Seneria, and the “modern-day earth breath” of his.

Creative Commons License
This work by Pax M. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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