Phosfate’s Holiday Breeding List (as of March 17, 2014)

2017 EDIT: I no longer play DragCave. Please don’t ask me about breeding anymore.

Though I’m not active enough on this blog as of late, that’ll change soon, as the last of my examinations for the semester will be on Wednesday (unless I get ambushed by some surprise test.)

I’ve had my Dragon Cave account since 2010, and even if I’ve well outgrown the name “Phosfate” now (even specifically putting under a terminal plan which ended on February 14, 2014,) I still stick to the “one scroll” rule, and keep it. Besides, I do have some dragons with 4 codes in there. >A>;

My scroll and dragon family is growing, and as such, it’s been increasingly difficult to track which dragons I can breed, and which ones I don’t want to. Many people have been very generous to me (especially baconNeggs of the #dc chat) by breeding and catching many dragons for me, so sometimes, I also gift back when I have something nice. ; v ; I want people to enjoy having shiny things too, haha.

Aaand as such, here comes my semi-organized list of dragons I can breed. I have omitted some of my other holiday dragons on purpose, especially where I cannot continue the lineage.

Valentine Dragons – 2009

Amore Porcelain Shelldown (3° gen “staircase”*) (女) x [ TBA CB Albino  (男) ]
Pale Kisses (3° even-gen) (女) x [ TBA Sunrise with similar lineage (男) ]

Snow Angel – X’mas 2009

Charity Christmas (2° gen staircase) (女) x [ TBA CB White (男) ]
Charity of the Mountains (2° gen staircase) (女) x [ TBA CB Green (男) ]

Regular Sweetling – V-day 2010

Amour ibn Khisiyuk al-Qisma (3° gen staircase) (男) x Pale Carmine (CB Flamingo Wyvern (女))
Amour Dancing Satanno (2° gen staircase) (男) x [ TBA CB Pink (女) ]

Ribbon Dancer – X’mas 2011

Terpsichorean Flare Dragorna (3° gen staircase) (女) x Fen Helder (CB Stripe (男) )

Rosebud – V-day 2011

Amore Rosemarie Thyme (2° gen staircase) (女) x Bulan Darat (CB Moonstone (男) )

  • Offspring’s lineage looks like this: Rozpik (3° gen staircase)

Amore Camille Ry (2° gen staircase) (女) x Purple Yam and Lemon (CB Sunsong Amphiptere (男) )

  • Offspring’s lineage looks like this: Shining Roses(3° gen staircase)

Winter Magi – X’mas 2011

Fringed Benefit (CB) (男)
Fringed Highlight (CB) (男)

Heartseeker – V-day 2012

Amour Seeker Lovelock (CB) (男)

Amour Finder Lovelock (CB) (男)

Amour Chocola (2° gen staircase) (男) x Sakura Sencha (CB Black Tea (女))

Arsani – V-day 2013

Amore Ruby Lee (2° gen staircase) (女) x [ TBA CB Black Tea (男) ]
Amore Arsenic (2° gen staircase) (女) x [ TBA CB Nhiostrife Wyvern (男) ]

Radiant Angel – V-day 2014

Amour Shining Cherub (CB) (男)
Amour Glowing Seraph (CB) (男)


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