Some good and not-so-good news!

It’s been a while again (and holy heck, I have mixed feelings about the new post editor.)
I’ll make this short, though:
Good news:
My EEG results came out, and my neurologist told me that I’m cleared of neurological issues and epilepsy. It’s almost a miracle! 🙂

The not-so-good news:
The EEG picked up that I have an irregular heartbeat, since some electrodes were also placed in that area. I’ll have to see a cardiologist next week (tomorrow is a holiday, so the clinics aren’t open) about it, to find out exactly what’s causing it. I’ll probably need to have an EKG and a few other diagnostics.

As for why I haven’t posted here much, I’ve mostly been around deviantART and my art blog as of late. Otherwise, a lot of the other time goes to uni and UDKT. 🙂


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