Ek doen ‘n dof.

Just finished an test for Pharmaceutical Informatics and wow, ek is dof.

Long story short, don’t use the ARIA ALLERGIC RHINITIS AND ITS IMPACT ON ASTHMA 2010 GUIDELINES as your sole reference for a drug inquiry pertaining to patients with asthma.

It does make logical sense for Montelukast to be the answer to that question, since it’s a leukotriene receptor antagonist, and I DID mention that. I did learn something new today, at least — that allergic rhinitis and asthma tend to co-exist and they share enough characteristics, to the extent of some researches postulating that management of these two, often co-morbid diseases should be unified.

Oh well, at least I got the other inquiry right. I’ll need to brush up on the types of drug inquiries for the succeeding tests, though. 6_9


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