Unown Hunt, Part Two [ + Hunt Data]

Exactly 7 days after the first time I had access to the Unown Mirage Cave close to Dewford Town, I had access to it again yesterday. I was a mix of happy and devastated the first time, because I caught 27 out of the 28 regular forms of Unown, but even with a search level/# of encounters slightly above 200, I did not find a single A form Unown.

As much as possible, I wanted to complete my “Alphabet Soup” box without trading anything for it. I almost gave in, though, putting up some of my spares up on GTS to trade for other Unowns (but in the end, I was trading these for Scatterbugs, because I really wanted to get different Vivillon colours. I don’t have Pokemon X/Y yet, so that’s my only way of obtaining them for now.) None of the two “Unown for Unown” deposited gave me the A form, even if I specifically asked for it in my request. No hard feelings, though.

Naturally, I tried to hunt for the A form again yesterday. I spent most of the day cleaning the dorm, though, so I wasn’t exactly able to play for that long. I decided not to repeat the same mistake that I did the first time — I went to sleep, but I made sure to save the game inside the Mirage Cave, with 90+ pokeballs on the ready (because I wanted to grab more spares as well.)

That said, I did most of my hunting for the A form today. I was too relieved and excited when I caught the A form, that I even posted to my tumblr blog about it.

With Sopheroo’s prompting, I tried to search for at least one shiny version, but I had to make do without a shiny charm. Even near-completion of my Pokedex for AS was near impossible. I was determined to stay in the cave for another day, playing every time I had a little break from my clean-up.

… To keep my sanity intact, I had to stop hunting for Unowns when my search level hit 405. I would have gone for 512 if I wasn’t doing anything else, earlier.

Not sure if it’s any use to people, but I took note of how many times I encountered each form, between search level 305 to 405:

Once (in 101 tries): Q, V, !

Twice (in 101 tries): C, D, G, H, P, S, ?

Thrice (in 101 tries): I, L, T, Y, Z

Four times (in 101 tries): E, K, N, X

Five times (in 101 tries): A, F, M, O, R

Six times (in 101 tries): B, U, W

Eight times (in 101 tries): J

Once I regain access to the Mirage Cave with Unowns, I’ll be taking note of every attempt, instead of my last hundred for the day!

A: 5 (… and yet it took me 200+ encounters the first time around !)

B: 6

C: 2

D: 2

E: 4

F: 5

G: 2

H: 2

I: 3

J: 8

K: 4

L: 3

M: 5


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