Dorian’s Modified Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke Run

I always liked the idea of doing a Nuzlocke run, but with my SV hatching services and egg giveaways, resetting my save isn’t really worth the trouble (even if I found a way to transfer all the eggs to the other cart. I don’t really have much space on my X cart as my Partial Living Pokedex is situated there.)

Since I have exams to study for, my progress through it is relaxed, and fairly slow:

A Nincada named “ジューツ”, An Aron named “Forever Aron”, A Magikarp named “King” (so original,) a Gulpin named “ダッキスー”, a Marill named “-aryl” (wow), and a Whismur named “AAAAAA” (very vague reference to this year’s April Fool’s schtick on /r/pokemontrades.)

The save is in English, but I typed out katakana for names that I do not intend to be English.

The biggest difference between my Nuzlocke run and the usual is the lack of gym battles (since that save already has all the badges.) I also do not battle with trainers, because they’re already at a minimum of level 50 on the save where I am doing the modified run.

If anyone is curious, the order in the trainer card is based on which Pokemon I caught first. The very first Pokemon I caught was a Poochyena, but that fainted — along with the Zigzagoon I got to level 8, and a Makuhita I levelled to 13.

Dorian’s Post-Game Modified Nuzlocke Run:

1. Go to Route 101 with a breedject starter corresponding to the last digit of the Trainer ID. This is only because there must always be a healthy Pokemon in the party.

So I tried to catch a Poochyena, armed with a Level 1 Treecko. Fortunately, I got the Poochyena on one try with a regular Poke Ball.

2. Release the breedject starter, to formally begin the run.

3. The usual rule of only catching the first Pokemon encountered in a route is followed, albeit modified in case the first Pokemon in the route:

3a. Was already caught in a previous route.

3b. Is not a Generation 3 Pokemon.

4. If a Pokemon encountered is shiny, they may be caught, even if it is not the first Pokemon on the route.

5. No moves (except for running) are to be used on the first Pokemon in a route unless it has already been caught before. Only Poke Balls may be used against it.

6. Fainted Pokemon are counted as dead, and are promptly released.

7. Status conditions may not be healed in-battle.

8. Pokemon can only be caught with the regular Poke Ball or a Premier Ball. The latter can only be used if no Poke Balls remain in the bag.

9. Trainers must be battled as soon as one Pokemon in the party reaches Level 50.

(This will take a while for me, as my highest levelled Pokemon, ダッキスー (a Gulpin) is only Level 21.)

10. The Elite Four and Champion will be battled with Pokemon obtained only through the Nuzlocke Run.

11. Pokemon must not hold items under any circumstances.

12. All Pokemon caught must be nicknamed… with the first thing that comes to mind (hence the really stupid and random names of the ones this run.)

13. In the event of an unexpected Trainer battle (note that this is a post-game Nuzlocke Run,) only one Pokemon in your team can be revived, and this can only happen once per Trainer battle.


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