Post-Game Nuzlocke Run Update

In between putting my Ocean Vivillons on the GTS to obtain the Omega Ruby-exclusive legendaries (I got Palkia and Tornadus this way, in less than ten minutes; someone traded another one for a Ho-Oh while I was asleep) I do some quick continuations of my Post-Game Nuzlocke Run.

When I made my first post about it, I stopped at Mauville’s Pokemon Center, just before going to Route 111. From the time I went to half of Route 111 and Route 112, this happened:

1. Caught a Geodude (Route 111, from a smashable rock) and a Numel (Route 112,) but I forgot to nickname them both.

2. Aron almost fainted to a Machop, if not for the Sturdy ability.

I hated it so much when I’d run into a Geodude with that ability, but I realised that it comes in handy in these kinds of situations. :’)

Since I need to focus on my upcoming exams, this will be the last time I will play this run before I finish the semester.


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