This Teacher Asked Her Students to Write to an Author. Kurt Vonnegut Wrote Back This

Reblogging this here so I can read it again when I need to. :’)


In 2006 Ms. Lockwood, an English teacher at Xavier High School, asked her students to write a letter to a famous author. She wanted them discuss the author’s work and ask for advice. Kurt Vonnegut (1922 – 2007) was the only one to write back and his advice is worth reading. If you can’t make out the text in the image, you can find the letter transcribed beneath!

ps. what an awesome signature

[via alxmog1 on reddit]


Photograph by alxmog1 on reddit

Kurt Vonnegut’s Letter to the students
of Ms. Lockwood’s 2006 English Class
Xaxier High School, New York City

Dear Xavier High School, and Ms. Lockwood, and Messrs Perin, McFeely, Batten, Maurer and Congiusta:

I thank you for your friendly letters. You sure know how to cheer up a really old geezer (84) in his sunset years. I don’t make public appearances any more because I now resemble…

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