The Story of an Unlucky Cactus [Dorian’s Nuzlocke Run, The Update!]

Initially continuing from where I left off before my final examinations, 8 of the Pokemon I caught throughout the run were still alive, but little did I know that I would not retain any Pokemon from my original team. I was expecting to at least keep Aron or ダッキスー!

It all began with catching Cacnea on Route 111. I inadvertently broke the rule about catching one Pokemon per route, since I didn’t have Cacnea on my Pokedex yet. I didn’t use that one for the Nuzlocke Run, as a compromise.

ジューツ (Level 14 Nincada) died to a wild Level 16 Numel. I should have switched out to either ダッキスー (Level 21 Gulpin) or Forever Aron (Level 18 Aron.) Trying to defeat the Numel with Forever Aron got him down to 2 HP, since I used Head Smash instead of Headbutt. Oops.

I caught Afroben (Level 18 Bouffalant) in Route 113, to replace ジューツ in my roster. Slightly sad Klefki wasn’t the first Pokemon on the route instead, but I already have a secondary Fairy type in the party (Marill.) While trying to defeat Klefki, I realised that its type combo made it immune to Poison-type attacks, as ダッキスー’s Sludge couldn’t get through. With a wrong move (using a move with a Pokemon down to its last 2 HP when Klefki had awoken from ダッキスー’s Yawn,) after switching to Forever Aron, the latter fainted, with Klefki smugly having regenerated its HP from Draining Kiss.
Predictably, King (Level 16 Magikarp) was no match to Klefki. I haven’t had this much fainting on my team since the time I started the run — perhaps I’m rusty after not touching my 3DS for a few weeks. It took me 4 attempts to run away from Klefki, but I managed to leave before the remaining three Pokemon in my team could faint.

Fallarbor Town was not very far off, and I just had to avoid running into patches of grass, to get my team to a Pokemon Center. After releasing the 3 casualties, I replaced them with Afroben, クルメル (Level 15 Numel,) and イシブン (Level 13 Geodude.) Yes, I renamed them in Slateport — the latter two were caught in Routes 112 and 111, respectively.

With a false sense of complacence, I headed back to Route 113… where ダッキスー died to a Level 28 Scraggy. Let’s not talk about what happened to Bouffalant either; I was distracted by talking to my mom. With my highest remaining Pokemon at Level 15, I return to Route 112, where it will be easier for me to level (rather than risk losing my entire team in Route 113.)

At the Fiery Pass, I first encountered a Numel, but since I already caught one, I had to settle with the next one — a Grimer I named “Cillit Bang”. “AAAAA” (Whismur) and “-aryl” quickly fell victim to a wild Numel. Dejected, I go back to Route 110. After a while of grinding, クルメル died to a Wingull, after I used Magnitude by mistake (completely forgetting that Flying-types are immune to Ground moves.) That left me with Cillit Bang and イシブン. Then イシブン also died, thanks to my carelessness.

For a while, I wondered if catching that Cacnea somewhat led to that fainting streak. I shrugged it off and tried to level Cillit Bang until it reached Level 19, then went to Route 109, to try fishing for something. Anything. Even another Magikarp will have done the trick.

I got a Wailmer with just one Pokeball and no injury to Cillit Bang (it was a risk, considering its base catch rate.) Confident now that I had a Level 30 Pokemon in my team, I head back to Route 114, and catch a Level 17 Seviper I named Asclepeion. I head straight to Meteor Falls, to add another Pokemon to my team.

For me, the real challenge of Meteor Falls is making it out — I’m very good at getting lost inside. Seizure (a Zubat) was the first thing I saw inside, so I reluctantly tried to catch it. It took me two balls, but at least it wasn’t able to harm Grootste (my Wailmer) even a bit. I also found that the best way to “escape” getting lost inside Meteor Falls is by not surfing inside. Fortunately, I haven’t bothered to teach that HM to Groostse. That changed by the time I reached Route 115, where Surf is necessary to navigate a bit.

Jagged Pass was my next destination, after I collected some flags from Secret Bases. Since I didn’t have a Spoink in my Pokedex yet, I was hoping to find one as the first Pokemon on the route — which indeed happened, and became the fifth member of my team. I named it “Bounce” because I’m SO creative. Realising that Lavaridge Town was a dead-end, I returned to Mauville and headed east. While surfing to reach the other end of Route 118, the first encounter was with a Wingull (predictably named Pikkulokki) completing the team.

Though it’ll be… interesting trying to use this team (as I was growing to like Geodude, Numel, and Aron,) it’ll be fun either way. What I used to HATE about the routes around Fortree City were the patches of tall grass / navigation, but it’ll give me more opportunities to try this team out. For the first time, Wailmer isn’t one-hitting wild Pokemon on routes, taking two hits of Surf to knock out Level 23 Linoones.

I also feel like working on my drawing backlag, and joining this StreetPass event (which I keep typing as “StressPass”, for some reason) though, so I’ll probably continue this run some other time.


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