Miscalculations Abound! (Dorian’s Post-Game Nuzlocke Run)

I caught Ilaya (a Kecleon) at Route 120. A wild Level 27 Gloom used Mega Drain on the first turn against Grootste, and I knew it was time to run. I wonder why the first thing I encountered on the route was not a Linoone instead — that would have been nice to have in my team.

After mistakenly Surfing to the direction of the Scorched Slab, an encounter with an Azumarill gave me the opportunity to fight with Cillit Bang. The irony of this Pokemon being a Grimer with the skills Sludge and Mud Bomb never fails to amuse me. Of course, Poison being super effective on Azumarill is a bonus! I almost want to keep those two skills on forever, just so I can laugh at it.

I had to run after attempting to battle a wild Tropius — Wailmer as my lead does not jive well with a Tropius using Leaf Tornado as its first move. I was more fortunate by the time I had a Horde Encounter with Oddishes. It was only then that I realised that Surf can hit 5 Pokemon at the same time. I think I like it more now, for more than just navigation purposes.

I intended to stay in Route 120 or 121 until my entire team hit Level 30, but I got a bit too excited and went to the Safari Zone. After obtaining a Pikachu I named イクエ (as a homage to Pikachu’s seiyuu,) Grootste (Level 35 Wailmer) died to a Wobbuffet that had used Destiny Bond. I failed to switch out, since I did not even notice until Grootste’s HP suddenly dropped to 0 AFTER the Wobbuffet fainted. With that, I replaced the spot on the team that it left behind with イクエ.

I almost lost Cillit Bang while catching the Wailmer I first encountered while fishing in Lilycove City, but thankfully I was able to switch out on time. イクエ also almost fainted, as a result. I named this second Wailmer as Lilium. Forgetting about the Rule 3a of my Modified Nuzlocke Run rules, I suppose I’ll have to release this Wailmer (even if I had already used it to catch a Chinchou on Route 124. Somehow, I’ll have to find another thing that can use Dive. I thought I might just not use Lilium to battle, as a compromise — then release her once I found a replacement that can learn Dive.

Visiting the Seafloor Cavern to enjoy my soon-to-be-gone diving privileges, I caught the Golbat I saw first, and named it Hungry. (Wow, I’m so good at thinking of names for Pokemon!) The next Golbat I ran into killed Lilium, so I’m releasing her as soon as I make it to a Pokemon Center.

As I rose back to the surface and headed to Route 129, I bumped into a Pelipper IN THE WATER (how does that even happen,) and reluctantly caught it. My prospects for getting a decent team against the Elite Four somewhat diminished. I started to have hope again, when I knocked down a wild Pelipper with Cillit Bang and イクエ. Pikkulokki was about to evolve into Pelipper as a result, but I cancelled the evolution — the name would no longer be fitting if Pikkulokki became a pelican.

In Route 130, I settled for the second Pokemon I found on the route, a Level 25 Tentacool. I named it “Toshcruel”, something only my boyfriend and I will understand. I already caught the first Pokemon I encountered (another Pelipper,) so I had to skip it.

Surfing to Route 131 led me to an unexpected Trainer battle. I thought I already had battles against all the trainers in this route, just to find myself terribly mistaken. With イクエ as the highest levelled Pokemon in my team (Level 32,) there was almost no way I can get past a Level 37 Seadra. Spark was super-effective, but one hit of Brine was enough to make イクエ faint. I’m so sorry for failing you.

Since the Trainer battle was unexpected, I decided to revive イクエ, just for this particular situation. Surprisingly, Ilaya (Level 29 Kecleon) managed to knock out the Seadra. Certainly not a OHKO, but it was fairly easy. The Level 37 Gyarados made Ilaya faint with one hit, with just Ice Fang. I don’t think I’ll be reviving Ilaya, as the new rule I’m making for this unexpected development is as follows:

13. In the event of an unexpected Trainer battle (note that this is a post-game Nuzlocke Run,) only one Pokemon in your team can be revived, and this can only happen once per Trainer battle.

イクエ got Gyarados down to low health with Spark, and the retaliation only reduced イクエ to 16 HP, from 33. Restoring the HP was a bad move, though, as イクエ fainted again. Fortunately, Gyarados was paralyzed from Spark. Cillit Bang’s Sludge did not deal enough damage to end Gyarados in one hit, but the latter could not move. The next time I used Sludge, Gyarados fainted, and Cillit Bang went up a level. The five-year old kid inside me couldn’t help but laugh at this Grimer having both Mud Bomb AND Sludge Bomb. I also replaced Bounce’s Psybeam with Zen Headbutt, and Pikkulokki’s Mist with Pursuit.

Following the Trainer battle, I kept circling Route 131 in hopes of encountering something that was not a Pelipper OR a Tentacool (both of which I had already encountered.) After the 5th try, I found a Tentacruel, and tried to catch it. I also named this one “tosh*cruel”.

I stopped by Pacifidlog Town to release the three casualties, and replace them with tosh*cruel, Hungry, and the Chinchou I forgot to name.


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