#GRADwaiting? #Graduated.

I consider myself very privileged to have officially graduated with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy (earlier this morning.) On that vein, I’d like to congratulate my batchmates — regardless of what faculty, university, or country you’ve graduated from. It’s highly unlikely that anyone I know in person would see this blog, but it’s out there for any other graduates of 2015.

Before I enter medical school this coming July or August, I will be submitting medical school enrollment requirements, undergoing a mandatory physical examination for medical school freshmen, and reviewing for the pharmacy licensure examinations (review? what review? ahaha.)

All my appreciation and thanks go to the people who believed in my capabilities, those who were behind my back all this time, and most especially the Almighty Father.

Though I’ll finally have something resembling a vacation between the first three years of medical school, I’ll probably have to taper most of my online activities. I still hope to blog once in a while, but focus is more crucial in post-graduate studies. 🙂