Character Alternate Universe Ethnicities

I was supposed to do more concept work for Viatralles, a humanoid species that I can sum up as stained-glass inspired living glassware. I won’t go into detail with them right now, but I might have something about them on this blog once I finish a “species sheet” for them.

Many of my characters aren’t human, but I thought it’d be fun to try guessing alternate universe ethnicities for them, IF they were human (and lived on Earth.) Some of them were already set prior to this list, but a few of these were made on the fly (namely the “ambiguous” ones.)

A lot of these won’t really be fitting their (current) appearances, though — feel free to check my character gallery if you want to check how inaccurate these are!

Earth/AU Ethnicities

Syutensi – ???
A:1 – Ambiguously Brown
ab-e:o – Finnish
Alec Chalkos – White European
Alexandre Payens – French
ALiCE – Ambiguously East Asian
Amy Able – South African (Xhosa-Afrikaner)
Azu – Ambiguously Southeast Asian
Kousuke Atou – Japanese
Amala Chand Rana – Indian
Beck Kho – Sino-Filipino
Bradley Burns – European American
Bryan Rhi – Sino-Korean
Byrd Keldama – Filipino-Ambiguous
Camina Orgel – British-Catalan
Cassidy Monfort – British-Catalan
Cattleya Orgel – British-Catalan
Clover – Ambiguously Southeast Asian
Coffee – Ambiguously Southeast Asian
Colborn – European Russian
Caldwell – European Russian
Corona Avalon – Indo-British
Erica Seica – Japanese
Dalisay Ventura – Filipino
Daniel Yu – Sino-Malay
David Wimpy – Afrikaner (?)
Dayo Mbabu – Nigerian
Dodori – Ambiguously Southeast Asian
Dolly Lajia-Hanley – South African (Xhosa-Afrikaner)
Dorian Brand – German-American
Esiel Alesifa – Ambiguously Brown
Everett Cannon – African-American
exilium – Japanese
An-ming How – Chinese (Taiwan)
Satoshi Atou – Japanese
Faith Holt – French-American
Finch Able – Spanish-Dutch
Francine Fournier – French
Gaani Mal – South African (Afrikaner)
Gabriel Fon – Ambiguously Southeast Asian
Hye-rin Gu – Korean
Harley Kraemer – Thai-German
Hoai Mi Vu – Vietnamese
Ilfyn – Ambiguously European
Irisari – Ambiguously European
Ironbane – Ambiguously East Asian
Isagani Salit – Filipino
Isaniel Sazyk – Ambiguously Siberian
Ivan Fischer – German-American
Dae-hyun Seo – Korean
Bi-dan Chae – Russian-Japanese
Jay Magtanggol – Filipino
Jay Naic – Filipino
Julliana Havlova – Czechoslovakian
Kate Cheang Xiu-ying – Singaporean Chinese
KITE – Ambiguously East Asian
Klou Avalon – Indo-British
Kouehart – European Russian
Lacero – Ambiguously Asian
Lenny – Ambiguously Asian
Shin-ya Li – Sino-British
Louise Marcus – Ambiguously European American
Macie – Ambiguously Southeast Asian
Makyn – Ambiguously West Asian
May Hanley/Tori Able – Xhosa-Afrikaner-Spanish-Dutch
Melrose Leafwing – Swiss-Xhosa
Mike Santos – Hispanic American
Mishka – Spanish
Mitchie Xavier – Nipo-brasileira
Morgan Karon – Ambiguously European
Nariel Garaza – South American Hispanic
Nicole Potenger – British, Indian descent
Nikki Potenger – British, Indian descent
Nilas Salole – Ambiguously East Asian-European
Nue – Ambiguously European
Nuracth – Ambiguously South American Hispanic
Orin Able – Xhosa-Afrikaner-Spanish-Dutch
Paige Knight – Ambiguously European
Pam Kamaru – Filipino
Pan Curoni – Ambiguously East Asian
Patricia Knight – Japanese-American
Paul Knight – Ambiguously Southeast Asian-American
Primrose Arni/Rose Mallory – South African (Afrikaner)
re:te – Japanese
Regin – Ambiguously Southeast Asian
Reija Grimberg – German-Dutch
Reiro – South American Hispanic
Risa Halling – Norwegian
Ro Curoni – Ambiguously East Asian
Roselaine – South African (Afrikaner)
Rosemarie Sazyk – South African (Zulu)
Rurik Kievan – Native American
Saki Lee – Sino-Thai
Salve Adriano – Filipino-South American Hispanic
Samnang Yun – Cambodian
Saviel Su – Ambiguously East Asian
Serik Antalya – Euro-Turkish
Seroja – Indonesian
Seychelle Nuvia – Sino-Swedish
Sive – Ambiguously European
Sorel – Ambiguously Southeast Asian
Suri – Ambiguously European
Taiga Rosetti – Batswana
Ua – Ambiguously Japanese-European
Unathi Sisulu – South African (Xhosa)
Utkin – Russian
Van Duong – Vietnamese
Vasava Sharma – Indian
Vera Wong Xiu-lan – Sino-American
Veronica Noronha – Portuguese
Warren Dick – Ambiguously Hispanic American
Xia Selithinde – Sino-British
Yuan – Chinese
Yune – Indo
Yuni – Japanese
Yuri – Russian-Japanese
Zela – Ambiguously Asian-European
Zima Korsaar – Russian
Mayu Oda – Japanese
Chiaki Matsuda – Filipino-Japanese
Chiharu Matsuda – Filipino-Japanese
Macoto Hiiragi – Nipo-brasileiro
Fuyuka Hiiragi – Filipino-Japanese-Brazilian
Zara Hasan – Ambiguously Arab Descent, likely Berber


5 thoughts on “Character Alternate Universe Ethnicities

  1. Would you say Abeo is… Fynnish?

    That’s a lot more diversity than my chars. Mine would be strictly ambiguous, with few exceptions, and even those few are because they were inspired by RL legendary figures. I think Bean in particular could be -anything- not white.

    • HAH, I wish! Fynnish would be too self-indulgent for me to use as a serious descriptor.

      I was worried that they might not be diverse enough (though I don’t believe in making diverse characters just to please an audience that panders for it — it’s a conscious decision of mine to reduce the monotony of my cast. In most of the cases, their AU ethnicities don’t serve any relevance in Seneria, where the “diversity” refers to species diversity and not human racial diversity.

      I always wondered what Bean was, since I know she’s based off Celtic/Irish legend — wasn’t too sure because of her ambiguous brown-ness, though the Dootch do have Zwarte Piet…

      • It’s funny how races within humanity are so much less relevant when you have spellcaster races, pseudo-zombies and kemonos running around 😀

        Bean, back before I named her and latched onto the whole fairy thing, was originally intended to be a Pacific Islander of some sort. Penguinpyro the character (the UD/wrestling one) was, from the start, tan-skinned and of completely indeterminable race, and somewhere along the line I realized he looked almost like like Bean, so now they’re both distant relatives in some ambiguously-everything family.

      • Precisely. As far as Seneria is concerned, humans are just human (but a sapis will never be considered as human, even if they 99% appear like one, externally.)

        And wHOA, wouldn’t have imagined Bean to be Pacific Islander with her fairy schtick, though Penguinpyro as an ambiguously tan guy makes some sense.

        … I also had some wild concepts to include in Casa Macoto that I came up with from a dream (and some random thoughts.) Maybe I’ll show them to you when I’m not too shy about them.

      • The Pacific Islander thing came before the fairy thing 😛 She was just some lady with a bunch of magic crystals all over her face at that point.

        I’ll look forward to those 🙂

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