paris match – CDG

Long time no post!

The second year of medical school has been both enjoyable and turbulent, especially because I’ve been relapsing into illness. I am typing this while “relaxing” from studying for my Microbiology exam. I’m fearful for my standing in quite a few subjects, but I’m happy to say I can put Clinical Pathology behind my back.

Paris Match (as in パリス・マッチ, the Japanese jazz group) has always been a favourite of mine, especially when I’m in more wistful moods. I haven’t listened to their songs in a while, but decided to put them on my phone on a whim.

I love their more upbeat songs, but CDG always had charm in its simplicity.

I can’t find the original version of the song uploaded anywhere – searching for it may direct you to the website of Paris Match (not related to the group behind this song) or a YouTube cover.

I’d love to sing a cover of this song, myself – the instrumentation is not extravagant, so hopefully I can figure out how to recreate it in a DAW (or finally get around to learning how to play musical instruments.)

“CDG” most probably refers to “Charles de Gaulle” as in the airport, due to the song’s lyrical content. I definitely imagine playing this while waiting in the airport.

As usual, lyrics follow under the cut! I was able to countercheck the kanji with, since Mojim doesn’t have lyrics for this song yet.

This time around, I tried to translate the song.
I highly encourage you to notify me of any errors, as I do not speak Japanese. 

– 漢字 –

歌:paris match
作詞: 古澤大
作曲: 杉山洋介


伝えた不意に 別離 の時刻




– romaji –
uta: paris match
sakushi: FURUSAWA Tai
sakkyoku: SUGIYAMA Yosuke

ima demo zutto ano natsu no naka de
kieteku sora ni gin no tsubasa

kuukou-nai ni nagareta koe ga
tsutaeta fui ni waka no toki

kinzoku no NOBU mawashi futari wa hajimatta
modorenai kehai kanjiteita no
deatta ano hi kara

dareka miokuru toshioita hito wa
nani wo nakushita? kata furuete

dakiaeta ano hibi ni nanika ga umareta no
furi muki mo sezu touzakaru yume ga mune no oku de zaratsuku

– English –
Artist: paris match
Lyrics: Tai Furusawa
Composition: Yosuke Sugiyama

Even now, in the summer
Silver wings disappearing in the sky

Voices flowing in the airport
Suddenly, it’s time for separation

The metal knob turned and the two began
I felt a sign that I could not return
To that day we met

An old woman looking for someone to see her off
What have you lost? Shivering, trembling

Something was born the day we embraced each other
Dreams that do not swing and go away are gritty in the back of my chest (TN: I’m not happy with how I translated that line, it’s a bit complex for me.)


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