Makoto – Sending Back Your Love (feat. Pete Simpson)

Even if I don’t post enough about it here, I love drum ‘n bass and liquid funk way too much. I’m especially partial to artists I’ve been a fan of Makoto for a couple of years; Souled Out was the first album of his that I listened to, though I also enjoyed his other releases […]

NONA REEVES – Sweet Survivor

Though I enjoy the music of NONA REEVES (including “Love Together” and their cover of “Doyoubi no Koibito”, of course,) this is the first time I’ve been very hooked on a particular song of theirs. As I type this, their album 「MISSION」has not been released yet, but two singles from the release, “Sweet Survivor” and “O-V-E-R-H-E-A-T” are available […]

Sebon – エクスタシィドロップ feat. IA

Hello! Been while a while since I last posted to this blog (again!) I’m enjoying my third year of medical school tremendously, even if I drown in reading assignments some days. I managed to have a strong start to the year (mostly,) and though I got 5/10 in a Medicine 2 pre-quiz quite recently, I […]

角松敏生 – 134

Although Toshiki Kadomatsu and Tsunku (Mitsuo Terada) are of different genres, they are probably my favourite Japanese male vocalists (in Tsunku’s case, I’m referring to his solo work.) I was surprised to learn that Kadomatsu’s “134” is a relatively recent song, part of his 2010 release, “Citylights Dandy”. Unlike some other artists his age, whose […]

具島直子 – Candy

Here’s another song I found pleasurable to listen to while studying for pathology. (Your Mileage May Vary.) As a bonus, it’s from the late 90’s, not the 80’s! Nothing wrong with songs from the 80’s and 70’s, I have a positive bias towards listening to them, but there are very few Japanese songs I know from the […]


I haven’t watched any part of the あぶない刑事 (Dangerous Detectives) franchise yet, but I’ve been meaning to. (Instead, I recently watched すもももももも〜地上最強のヨメ〜, even if people who know me well would be surprised with the choice of anime. Eh, I had a history of watching weird parodies of shonen anime.) Part of why I’m very interested […]

paris match – CDG

Long time no post! The second year of medical school has been both enjoyable and turbulent, especially because I’ve been relapsing into illness. I am typing this while “relaxing” from studying for my Microbiology exam. I’m fearful for my standing in quite a few subjects, but I’m happy to say I can put Clinical Pathology […]