A lot of rambling lies ahead. I don’t think I have what it takes to be a proper “blogger”, but I might as well use this to ventilate some of the distracting thoughts plaguing my mind at the moment. Advertisements

Character Alternate Universe Ethnicities

I was supposed to do more concept work for Viatralles, a humanoid species that I can sum up as stained-glass inspired living glassware. I won’t go into detail with them right now, but I might have something about them on this blog once I finish a “species sheet” for them. Many of my characters aren’t […]

Obligatory Post-Board Exam Blog Entry

I really want to get back to blogging, even if it’s just for song lyrics. I intended to transcribe “Run Away” and “Walking in the Rain” by Sunstroke Project (the group made popular by Sergei Stepanov/”Epic Sax Guy”‘s performance in Eurovision 2010.) Someone probably already did that in the past, but I find that some […]

I checked my NaNoWriMo account today.

(CAVEAT: This is another exercise at free-writing. Please excuse the messy grammar, the non-linearity of my thoughts, as well as any confusing clauses.) I’m not sure why I did that. In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I attempted NaNoWriMo on November 2014. Predictably, I was unable to meet the 50,000-word challenge. It was only […]

#GRADwaiting? #Graduated.

I consider myself very privileged to have officially graduated with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy (earlier this morning.) On that vein, I’d like to congratulate my batchmates — regardless of what faculty, university, or country you’ve graduated from. It’s highly unlikely that anyone I know in person would see this blog, but it’s out there […]

#GRADwaiting ba? Siguradong #Graduating tayo’ng lahat.

Matagal ko nang pinagdarasal na lahat tayo’y makakagraduate nang sabay-sabay, at na walang ni isa sa atin ang babagsak sa CA, lalung-lalo na sa FPH2015. Dahil halos araw-araw kami nagmimisa at nagdarasal ng nanay, lahat kayo’y inuna namin — gagawin namin iyan hanggang Huwebes/kung kailan magtatapos ang remedials. Tiwala lang. Umaasa akong makikita ko na […]


I considered doing a Google Search for “chirurgien”. In almost every place I’ve used “Chirurgien” as a username, there was bound to be that one person who butchers it on purpose. I’ve been referred to as Churgan, Chirururu, Chiguien, and their less remarkable iterations. It was amusing, at the very least. Instead, I tried to search for “chirurgy,” the […]