Pax’s Custom Wearables Eligible for Lending

Last updated on October 13, 2014! Backdrops Blood Stained Tile (art and release by Shalashaska.) Codd Bottle of Distilled Diluvian Fragments (released by pax, art by Shalashaska.) Crinkled Leaves (released by Shantal, art by Shalashaska.) Deserted Island Cove (released by Arno, art by Shalashaska.) Snow-Covered Kamov Blade (released by Shalashaska.) Stolen Castle Banner (released by pax, […]

Phosfate’s Holiday Breeding List (as of March 17, 2014)

2017 EDIT: I no longer play DragCave. Please don’t ask me about breeding anymore. Though I’m not active enough on this blog as of late, that’ll change soon, as the last of my examinations for the semester will be on Wednesday (unless I get ambushed by some surprise test.) I’ve had my Dragon Cave account […]

You guys, seriously!

The funny thing is, I barely even noticed this in the promotions thread, and instead only noted that my username appeared differently in the Active Users List. Remember when I was SHRIEKING when my initiation was done? Well this made my morning earlier! I know it’s silly but akdhkshkshf;;;; In other news, I managed to […]

It goes back that far…

I’m rather saddened that the Suburb recruitment page on the UDWiki is rather dead, but I found this gem from the Suburb Recruitment page, which mostly contains entries from 2009~2010. It’s no surprise that the Knights Templar of Malton are staying alive ah, ah, ah, ah, but SFHNAS was not a group I expected to be […]