Shining feat. bird – DJ KAWASAKI

Been a long time since I posted any lyrics here. 🙂

I recently found out that bird (北山有紀) will be releasing a tenth album entitled “Lush” on November 4. bird is one of my favourite Japanese singers, and I’ve always wanted to sing some of her songs. Her albums are quite difficult for me to find, though, even online. Fortunately, her collaborations (especially with MONDO GROSSO/Shinichi Osawa) aren’t as scarce.

Though I’ve listened to DJ KAWASAKI for a few years now, I haven’t followed his work that closely, so I was surprised to find that bird did the vocals for this track. After listening to a 2-minute preview on YouTube, I decided to put leftover iTunes credits to use — I got the full track and I don’t regret it. :’) This song is from DJ KAWASAKI’s 2013 release, “NAKED ~ DJ KAWASAKI Complete BEST”.

Lyrics follow below the cut!

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Character Alternate Universe Ethnicities

I was supposed to do more concept work for Viatralles, a humanoid species that I can sum up as stained-glass inspired living glassware. I won’t go into detail with them right now, but I might have something about them on this blog once I finish a “species sheet” for them.

Many of my characters aren’t human, but I thought it’d be fun to try guessing alternate universe ethnicities for them, IF they were human (and lived on Earth.) Some of them were already set prior to this list, but a few of these were made on the fly (namely the “ambiguous” ones.)

A lot of these won’t really be fitting their (current) appearances, though — feel free to check my character gallery if you want to check how inaccurate these are!

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Obligatory Post-Board Exam Blog Entry

I really want to get back to blogging, even if it’s just for song lyrics. I intended to transcribe “Run Away” and “Walking in the Rain” by Sunstroke Project (the group made popular by Sergei Stepanov/”Epic Sax Guy”‘s performance in Eurovision 2010.)

Someone probably already did that in the past, but I find that some people still think “Run Away” has gibberish for lyrics.

I checked my NaNoWriMo account today.

(CAVEAT: This is another exercise at free-writing. Please excuse the messy grammar, the non-linearity of my thoughts, as well as any confusing clauses.)

I’m not sure why I did that. In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I attempted NaNoWriMo on November 2014. Predictably, I was unable to meet the 50,000-word challenge.

It was only then that I realised that I had put off on logging Camp NaNoWriMo stats. It turns out I won all Camp NaNoWriMo attempts I’ve started so far. I didn’t make OMEN and Casa Macoto strictly for it, but setting an arbitrary word count goal for myself (which I based off the FAQ on determining word counts for non-novel projects) assisted in making me churn out more content. I still divided my totals by three, however, since the real count seemed too large (even for the amount of time I spent into the stories.)

Operation May was also not made with Camp NaNoWriMo in mind (it began on March and ended on May,) but it’s probably my most ambitious creative work so far (spanning three different websites and multiple media used to illustrate the interactive story.)

If I had more time in my hands, I would continue to write anonymous plots. I would not have had as much motivation to finish these stories that have floated in my head for years, otherwise.

The important thing about writing anonymous plots is not to do it for fame, but rather, to present your story — to pour your heart out to the audience, no matter how big or small. (For instance, I have never sent messages to more than 100 recipients, mostly due to point and time constraints, but seeing my small audience help each other with the puzzles made me very happy. I am also very grateful to the people who communicated with my characters and didn’t get completely weirded out by the interaction!)

Oops, I went into quite the tangent there.

Casa Macoto is far from completed, for example. Since it’s a prequel for OMEN in a more dysjointed format (it’s made up of conversations, documentation, and snippets obtained from the Hiiragi Juutaku,) I don’t have a set date of completion for it.

After inputting relevant information for OpMay, OMEN, and Casa Macoto, I realised precisely why I wanted to open my NaNoWriMo account. I wanted to make a formal attempt for the month of July. It won’t be an easy task, since my licensure examinations fall on the beginning of the month’s latter half. At the very least, writing will be a relatively productive reprieve from studying.

I have two choices in mind so far, for July’s Camp NaNoWriMo. I can either complete (hopefully) and edit the novellisation of Operation May, or creatively present core concepts of Katzung’s Pharmacology. The latter appeals to me slightly more (even if I do intend to finish novellisation of OpMay) since it will also help me review for the licensure exams, in a way. I’m not quite sure presenting it in the point of view of pharmacy students in a review class will be appealing for the average reader, but I can try to work around that.

Revisions of Katzung 13th Edition (Relative to the 12th Edition): Front Cover to the Preface

DISCLAIMER: By making this blog post, I do not intend to infringe on anyone’s rights.

I decided to find the revisions made in the 13th Edition of Katzung’s Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, since I (and many other pharmacy and medical students) have the 2012/12th Edition of Katzung — I am presenting this for people to decide whether they think the changes are significant enough to warrant buying the new edition, or if they believe the 12th edition will suffice for the time being.

The cover itself has a few changes, apart from the edition number and the image used on it. For instance, Susan B. Masters, PhD, is no longer listed on the cover. On examining the second page of the book, she is not attributed as an associate editor of the book. Anthony J. Trevor, PhD is mentioned as the sole associate editor of the 2015 edition.

In the preface of the 13th Edition, the following significant revisions are mentioned:

  • Addition of a chapter on pharmacogenomics, an area of increasing importance in all aspects of pharmacology. The drug development and regulation material previously covered in Chapter 5 has been incorporated into Chapter 1.
  • A generic name/trade name table appears at the conclusion of most chapters, providing a rapid reference for these names.
  • Many revised illustrations in full color provide significantly more information about drug mechanisms and effects and help to clarify important concepts.
  • Major revisions of the chapters on sympathomimetic, diuretic, antipsychotic, antidepressant, antidiabetic, antiinflammatory, and antiviral drugs, prostaglandins, nitric oxide, hypothalamic and pituitary hormones, central nervous system neurotransmitters, immunopharmacology, and toxicology.
  • Continued expansion of the coverage of general concepts relating to newly discovered receptors, receptor mechanisms, and drug transporters.
  • Descriptions of important new drugs released through August 2014.

In particular, changes that have been made to pages before the preface follow after the cut (click “Keep reading”.)

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#GRADwaiting? #Graduated.

I consider myself very privileged to have officially graduated with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy (earlier this morning.) On that vein, I’d like to congratulate my batchmates — regardless of what faculty, university, or country you’ve graduated from. It’s highly unlikely that anyone I know in person would see this blog, but it’s out there for any other graduates of 2015.

Before I enter medical school this coming July or August, I will be submitting medical school enrollment requirements, undergoing a mandatory physical examination for medical school freshmen, and reviewing for the pharmacy licensure examinations (review? what review? ahaha.)

All my appreciation and thanks go to the people who believed in my capabilities, those who were behind my back all this time, and most especially the Almighty Father.

Though I’ll finally have something resembling a vacation between the first three years of medical school, I’ll probably have to taper most of my online activities. I still hope to blog once in a while, but focus is more crucial in post-graduate studies. 🙂

Não Vou Fugir – Ive Mendes

Though I’ve had a long-standing love for bossa nova and smooth jazz from Brasil, I was not familiar with Ive Mendes (touted as “The Brazilian Sade” — I personally think she has her own sound which I prefer to Sade, though) until I heard DJ Marky’s remix of her song, “Não Vou Fugir”.

I love both versions, but the video I posted above is for the acidjazz original — her voice is very calming, and you can appreciate the song a bit more with this tempo.

I was able to figure out some of the English lyrics on my own, from the vague intelligibility between Spanish and Portuguese. I found Scott LaFramenta‘s translation to be much better than what I can do (I only did marginally better than Google Translate,) so I mostly used it here. He has a lot of videos for various Portuguese songs (whether they’re from Portugal, Brasil, or Mocambique.)


Composição: Fred Ala, Ive Mendes

Não posso mais lutar
Contra o que sinto
Se sinto o que penso
Você está sempre comigo…

Não posso mais mentir
Eu tinha muito medo
Agora sei que eu te quero
Com certeza…

Eu não vou fugir
Dessa vez não
Eu decidi te amar assim
Eu não vou fingir
Dessa vez não
I don’t wanna go
You know I love you…

Eu quero te dizer
Que este amor é mais forte
Do que todo o orgulho
Que ainda existe em mim…

Ainda quero te falar
Que sou outra pessoa
Depois que conheci
Este amor…

Eu não vou fugir
Dessa vez não
Eu decidi te amar assim
Eu não vou fingir
Dessa vez não
I don’t wanna go
I know I love you…

Eu decidi…
Te amar…

Eu não vou fugir
Dessa vez não
Eu decidi te amar assim
Eu não vou fingir
Dessa vez não
I don’t wanna go
You know I love you
I don’t wanna go
You know I love you
Eu decidi te amar assim
I don’t wanna go
You know I love you
Eu decidi te amar assim
Te amar!


Composition: Fred Ala, Ive Mendes

I cannot fight anymore
Against what I feel
If I feel what I think
You are always with me

I cannot lie any longer
I was very afraid
Now I know that I love you
For sure

I am not going to avoid
That chance, no
I have decided
To therefore love you
I am not going to pretend
About this chance, no
I don’t want to go.
You know I love you.

I want to tell you
That this love is stronger
Than all the arrogance
That still exists in me

I also want to tell you
That I am another person
After I was aware of
This love

I am not going to avoid
That chance, no
I have decided
To therefore love you
I am not going to pretend
About this chance, no
I don’t want to go.
I know I love you.

I have decided…
To love…

I am not going to avoid
That chance, no
I have decided
To therefore love you
I am not going to pretend
About this chance, no
I don’t want to go.
I know I love you.
I don’t wanna go
You know I love you
I have decided
To therefore love you
I don’t wanna go
You know I love you
I have decided
To therefore love you
To love!

Miscalculations Abound! (Dorian’s Post-Game Nuzlocke Run)

I caught Ilaya (a Kecleon) at Route 120. A wild Level 27 Gloom used Mega Drain on the first turn against Grootste, and I knew it was time to run. I wonder why the first thing I encountered on the route was not a Linoone instead — that would have been nice to have in my team.

After mistakenly Surfing to the direction of the Scorched Slab, an encounter with an Azumarill gave me the opportunity to fight with Cillit Bang. The irony of this Pokemon being a Grimer with the skills Sludge and Mud Bomb never fails to amuse me. Of course, Poison being super effective on Azumarill is a bonus! I almost want to keep those two skills on forever, just so I can laugh at it.

I had to run after attempting to battle a wild Tropius — Wailmer as my lead does not jive well with a Tropius using Leaf Tornado as its first move. I was more fortunate by the time I had a Horde Encounter with Oddishes. It was only then that I realised that Surf can hit 5 Pokemon at the same time. I think I like it more now, for more than just navigation purposes.

I intended to stay in Route 120 or 121 until my entire team hit Level 30, but I got a bit too excited and went to the Safari Zone. After obtaining a Pikachu I named イクエ (as a homage to Pikachu’s seiyuu,) Grootste (Level 35 Wailmer) died to a Wobbuffet that had used Destiny Bond. I failed to switch out, since I did not even notice until Grootste’s HP suddenly dropped to 0 AFTER the Wobbuffet fainted. With that, I replaced the spot on the team that it left behind with イクエ.

I almost lost Cillit Bang while catching the Wailmer I first encountered while fishing in Lilycove City, but thankfully I was able to switch out on time. イクエ also almost fainted, as a result. I named this second Wailmer as Lilium. Forgetting about the Rule 3a of my Modified Nuzlocke Run rules, I suppose I’ll have to release this Wailmer (even if I had already used it to catch a Chinchou on Route 124. Somehow, I’ll have to find another thing that can use Dive. I thought I might just not use Lilium to battle, as a compromise — then release her once I found a replacement that can learn Dive.

Visiting the Seafloor Cavern to enjoy my soon-to-be-gone diving privileges, I caught the Golbat I saw first, and named it Hungry. (Wow, I’m so good at thinking of names for Pokemon!) The next Golbat I ran into killed Lilium, so I’m releasing her as soon as I make it to a Pokemon Center.

As I rose back to the surface and headed to Route 129, I bumped into a Pelipper IN THE WATER (how does that even happen,) and reluctantly caught it. My prospects for getting a decent team against the Elite Four somewhat diminished. I started to have hope again, when I knocked down a wild Pelipper with Cillit Bang and イクエ. Pikkulokki was about to evolve into Pelipper as a result, but I cancelled the evolution — the name would no longer be fitting if Pikkulokki became a pelican.

In Route 130, I settled for the second Pokemon I found on the route, a Level 25 Tentacool. I named it “Toshcruel”, something only my boyfriend and I will understand. I already caught the first Pokemon I encountered (another Pelipper,) so I had to skip it.

Surfing to Route 131 led me to an unexpected Trainer battle. I thought I already had battles against all the trainers in this route, just to find myself terribly mistaken. With イクエ as the highest levelled Pokemon in my team (Level 32,) there was almost no way I can get past a Level 37 Seadra. Spark was super-effective, but one hit of Brine was enough to make イクエ faint. I’m so sorry for failing you.

Since the Trainer battle was unexpected, I decided to revive イクエ, just for this particular situation. Surprisingly, Ilaya (Level 29 Kecleon) managed to knock out the Seadra. Certainly not a OHKO, but it was fairly easy. The Level 37 Gyarados made Ilaya faint with one hit, with just Ice Fang. I don’t think I’ll be reviving Ilaya, as the new rule I’m making for this unexpected development is as follows:

13. In the event of an unexpected Trainer battle (note that this is a post-game Nuzlocke Run,) only one Pokemon in your team can be revived, and this can only happen once per Trainer battle.

イクエ got Gyarados down to low health with Spark, and the retaliation only reduced イクエ to 16 HP, from 33. Restoring the HP was a bad move, though, as イクエ fainted again. Fortunately, Gyarados was paralyzed from Spark. Cillit Bang’s Sludge did not deal enough damage to end Gyarados in one hit, but the latter could not move. The next time I used Sludge, Gyarados fainted, and Cillit Bang went up a level. The five-year old kid inside me couldn’t help but laugh at this Grimer having both Mud Bomb AND Sludge Bomb. I also replaced Bounce’s Psybeam with Zen Headbutt, and Pikkulokki’s Mist with Pursuit.

Following the Trainer battle, I kept circling Route 131 in hopes of encountering something that was not a Pelipper OR a Tentacool (both of which I had already encountered.) After the 5th try, I found a Tentacruel, and tried to catch it. I also named this one “tosh*cruel”.

I stopped by Pacifidlog Town to release the three casualties, and replace them with tosh*cruel, Hungry, and the Chinchou I forgot to name.

Omoide One Room (English Version) – Kenichi Chiba feat. KINU

Since this blog inadvertently became a lyrics blog (prior to the time I thought blogging about my Nuzlocke Run was a good idea,) I figured I’d return to this blog’s roots.

This is a fairly recent project, as my interest in the dojin music scene is not something I’ve had for a long time. It’s a bit difficult for me to get the lyrics (KINU’s delivery isn’t always very clear, and I could not find lyrics for the English version on any kashi site.)

I also could not find an upload of the English version on YouTube or some other site, so have the original Japanese version from “vocaloholic” (with the 初音ミク VOCALOID library for vocals:)

I found that the English lyrics are a close approximate for the Japanese lyrics, although there are a few changes here and there.

For your convenience, I’ve marked lyrics I’m not very sure about with a different colour. Grammatical errors present in the original song are in a normal colour, with the corrections enclosed in a parenthesis with a different colour.

Please let me know of any corrections — it’s not yet the complete lyrics, so any help is appreciated.

オモイデワンルーム (English ver.)

Good bye, to the days that we have been
The end just comes so suddenly
Maybe we knew that something was wrong

Lying to myself and you as well
Fighting through the days that we have and
Pretending the story was a happy ending

It’s all gone

The rain is filled with emptiness
Mem’ries that lingers (linger) inside of me
Growing and leaving a hole in me (and on and on and on…)

Oh, do you still remember the days we spent together
Try to gather all the broken memories
Searching for a piece that’s never gonna go back again
Forever and ever can we please just go back

Good night, turn off the lights and fall asleep
Clinging to the edge of my bed
Knowing that up here I feel so lonely

You knew this was coming in the end
Fooling myself and you as well
Pretending that we lived in happiness

Side by side

On the floor as we both watch the screen
Laughter has never left the two
Closing my eyes and I could still feel you

Do you still remember the days we spent together
The beauty (beautiful) days are leaving a breeze here
Tryin’ to find the little maze that you have left behind
The way I grasp the ???

Trying to gather all the broken memories
Searching for a piece that’s never gonna go back again
Forever and ever can we please just go back

The Story of an Unlucky Cactus [Dorian’s Nuzlocke Run, The Update!]

Initially continuing from where I left off before my final examinations, 8 of the Pokemon I caught throughout the run were still alive, but little did I know that I would not retain any Pokemon from my original team. I was expecting to at least keep Aron or ダッキスー!

It all began with catching Cacnea on Route 111. I inadvertently broke the rule about catching one Pokemon per route, since I didn’t have Cacnea on my Pokedex yet. I didn’t use that one for the Nuzlocke Run, as a compromise.

ジューツ (Level 14 Nincada) died to a wild Level 16 Numel. I should have switched out to either ダッキスー (Level 21 Gulpin) or Forever Aron (Level 18 Aron.) Trying to defeat the Numel with Forever Aron got him down to 2 HP, since I used Head Smash instead of Headbutt. Oops.

I caught Afroben (Level 18 Bouffalant) in Route 113, to replace ジューツ in my roster. Slightly sad Klefki wasn’t the first Pokemon on the route instead, but I already have a secondary Fairy type in the party (Marill.) While trying to defeat Klefki, I realised that its type combo made it immune to Poison-type attacks, as ダッキスー’s Sludge couldn’t get through. With a wrong move (using a move with a Pokemon down to its last 2 HP when Klefki had awoken from ダッキスー’s Yawn,) after switching to Forever Aron, the latter fainted, with Klefki smugly having regenerated its HP from Draining Kiss.
Predictably, King (Level 16 Magikarp) was no match to Klefki. I haven’t had this much fainting on my team since the time I started the run — perhaps I’m rusty after not touching my 3DS for a few weeks. It took me 4 attempts to run away from Klefki, but I managed to leave before the remaining three Pokemon in my team could faint.

Fallarbor Town was not very far off, and I just had to avoid running into patches of grass, to get my team to a Pokemon Center. After releasing the 3 casualties, I replaced them with Afroben, クルメル (Level 15 Numel,) and イシブン (Level 13 Geodude.) Yes, I renamed them in Slateport — the latter two were caught in Routes 112 and 111, respectively.

With a false sense of complacence, I headed back to Route 113… where ダッキスー died to a Level 28 Scraggy. Let’s not talk about what happened to Bouffalant either; I was distracted by talking to my mom. With my highest remaining Pokemon at Level 15, I return to Route 112, where it will be easier for me to level (rather than risk losing my entire team in Route 113.)

At the Fiery Pass, I first encountered a Numel, but since I already caught one, I had to settle with the next one — a Grimer I named “Cillit Bang”. “AAAAA” (Whismur) and “-aryl” quickly fell victim to a wild Numel. Dejected, I go back to Route 110. After a while of grinding, クルメル died to a Wingull, after I used Magnitude by mistake (completely forgetting that Flying-types are immune to Ground moves.) That left me with Cillit Bang and イシブン. Then イシブン also died, thanks to my carelessness.

For a while, I wondered if catching that Cacnea somewhat led to that fainting streak. I shrugged it off and tried to level Cillit Bang until it reached Level 19, then went to Route 109, to try fishing for something. Anything. Even another Magikarp will have done the trick.

I got a Wailmer with just one Pokeball and no injury to Cillit Bang (it was a risk, considering its base catch rate.) Confident now that I had a Level 30 Pokemon in my team, I head back to Route 114, and catch a Level 17 Seviper I named Asclepeion. I head straight to Meteor Falls, to add another Pokemon to my team.

For me, the real challenge of Meteor Falls is making it out — I’m very good at getting lost inside. Seizure (a Zubat) was the first thing I saw inside, so I reluctantly tried to catch it. It took me two balls, but at least it wasn’t able to harm Grootste (my Wailmer) even a bit. I also found that the best way to “escape” getting lost inside Meteor Falls is by not surfing inside. Fortunately, I haven’t bothered to teach that HM to Groostse. That changed by the time I reached Route 115, where Surf is necessary to navigate a bit.

Jagged Pass was my next destination, after I collected some flags from Secret Bases. Since I didn’t have a Spoink in my Pokedex yet, I was hoping to find one as the first Pokemon on the route — which indeed happened, and became the fifth member of my team. I named it “Bounce” because I’m SO creative. Realising that Lavaridge Town was a dead-end, I returned to Mauville and headed east. While surfing to reach the other end of Route 118, the first encounter was with a Wingull (predictably named Pikkulokki) completing the team.

Though it’ll be… interesting trying to use this team (as I was growing to like Geodude, Numel, and Aron,) it’ll be fun either way. What I used to HATE about the routes around Fortree City were the patches of tall grass / navigation, but it’ll give me more opportunities to try this team out. For the first time, Wailmer isn’t one-hitting wild Pokemon on routes, taking two hits of Surf to knock out Level 23 Linoones.

I also feel like working on my drawing backlag, and joining this StreetPass event (which I keep typing as “StressPass”, for some reason) though, so I’ll probably continue this run some other time.