NONA REEVES – Sweet Survivor

Though I enjoy the music of NONA REEVES (including “Love Together” and their cover of “Doyoubi no Koibito”, of course,) this is the first time I’ve been very hooked on a particular song of theirs. As I type this, their album 「MISSION」has not been released yet, but two singles from the release, “Sweet Survivor” and “O-V-E-R-H-E-A-T” are available […]

Chikaco Sawada – Bara no Sensou

After endless transcribing with the assistance of while trying to “transcribe by ear”, and cross-checking with petitlyrics (which doesn’t allow you to copy-paste their lyrics,) I finally have the kanji and romaji lyrics for “Bara no Sensou”! -漢字- 作詞:松井五郎 作曲:佐藤竹善 彼女からの Telephone call あなたはためいきの後で 逢いたがっているのはわたし そうつぶやいた ジェラシーの糸 からみはじめたら しばらくKissをする気分にも ならなくなるかも Don’t believe me Don’t believe ことばのナイフが胸に隠してある Don’t […]